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Learn how to grow living supplements right in your home that will add nutrition and flavor to your meals.

They're easy to grow, quick to harvest, and take up very little space.

Add Vitamins, Minerals, and Flavor to Your Meals!

Microgreens are Easy To Grow at Home

Watch How Easy It Is To Plant, Grow, And Harvest Microgreens.

Are You Ready To Start Growing Your Own Nutritious & Flavorful Microgreens?

Microgreens are easy to grow at home, especially with the smaller Home Microgreens trays. Grow more than one variety to have a continuous supply of fresh nutritious microgreens ready to cut and eat. 

Home Microgreens seed packets are pre-packaged to provide an efficient seeding density for the seed trays. Have your own seed tray? No problem, it's easy to convert the seeding density to any size tray. 

See all of the microgreen seeds and supplies in the Home Microgreens Store.

Visit the Resource Page

The Microgreen Resource Page contains links to supplies and equipment that have been tested and used in the home to grow microgreens.

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