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Growing Microgreens is Easy, Quick, and Inexpensive.

Add Vitamins, Minerals, and Flavor to Meals in as Few as 7 days!

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What They Say...

I’m new to growing microgreens & totally appreciate all the time & effort you’ve put into your web store with detailed explanations on all your products & the teaching tools you’ve put into place by articles & podcasts. I feel I have walked into a local mom & pop shop & have been shown personal attention. With all my questions answered this should be a breeze. Your shop will be my goto for product & info!!!!

Gail Diverdi, Lancaster, MA

Thanks for all of the great information you pass on.

" Thanks for all of the great information you pass on.  I've read everything with great interest. Thanks again for all your hard work."


Ocean City, New Jersey


You all's approach and general tone grabbed my attention.

" I've been to lots of sites online, but you all's approach and general tone grabbed my attention.  I got your 7 or 8 page free starter book and immediately made some changes in procedure."


Troy, Missouri


Your website has been a very helpful resource for me.

" Hey Todd! Thanks for the emails. I actually have been experimenting for the last few weeks with cilantro, radish, and red spinach. Throughout the process, your website has been a very helpful resource for me.



Camillus, New York


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Hi, I'm  Todd

When I started growing microgreens, I couldn't find any information on how to grow a reasonable amount of microgreens for home consumption. The throw a teaspoon or tablespoon of seed in an old blueberry clamshell filled with dirt didn't cut it for me. As a scientist, I need more precision.
Home Microgreens is a record of my experimentation & exploration of the world of microgreens.
When I'm not throwing seeds on soil, I like to garden, hike, wilderness camp, fish, collect fossils & minerals and soak up the sun's rays.


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