Home Microgreens Coupon Policy

Home Microgreens Coupon Policy

Where Can I Find Coupons for Home Microgreens?

Home Microgreens will never provide third-party* websites with a coupon code.

The internet is littered with fake coupons. We will never provide a coupon site with a coupon code. 

If you have a code that you got directly from us (see below) or from a class you are taking with our or one of our future partners and are having trouble using it, please contact us (or use the Need Help button in the bottom right of the screen) before completing your order. 

The Only Place to Get Promo Codes or Discount Coupons from Home Microgreens

To be notified of any upcoming sales or promotions, new product announcements, coupon codes and to get notified about new blog articles, subscribe to our update list.


How to Get Coupon Codes from Home Microgreens

As mentioned we send out coupon codes quite frequently from our updates you receive in your email.

Many are for only people on the email update list or our Text Message Club.

So don’t unsubscribe.

We also provide coupon codes on the website. You will see the coupon code in one or more of the following places. 

  • In the Ribbon header at the top of the webpages.
  • We may also place the coupon code on product pages usually below the product title.
  • A pop-up may also provide you with a coupon code.
  • If you make a purchase you also earn Home Microgreen Seeds. These HM Seeds can be turned in, which generates your own private coupon code. Click here to learn more about the Home Microgreen Seed Rewards & Referral Program.

Coupon codes are quite frequent as we want to build our customer base. We believe we have a great products, seeds, and quality information that you can’t get anywhere else.

When Will Home Microgreens Coupon Codes be Released?

We provide coupon codes quite frequently. As stated, some are for those only on our email update list, text message club, or are user generated coupons by making purchases and turning in earned Home Microgreens Seeds.

General sale coupons posted on the website are varied, some last a week, or a weekend, or even for one day. Some weekends, especially holiday weekends, the coupons change daily. We also have pop-up sales mid-week that last for an evening. 

General sale coupons are sometime announced through the update lists, but not always.

The best advice is to get on the update list to get the special coupons that only members receive, and to check the website often for other deals.

Third Party Coupons Are Non-existent! Don’t Search for Them

Again, if you find a random coupon on the internet for Home Microgreens it is FAKE. 

Do not waste your time searching for coupons. They will only be delivered to your inbox or listed on HomeMicrogreens.com.

Referral Coupons From Home Microgreens

A friend, may email you a link and coupon code for a discount. They can sometimes be listed on their social media accounts. These coupons come from our referral program. If you do not know the person, then chances are that code is fake. 

We may at some time, have referral partners businesses.

Currently we do not, and if we do partner with someone we will list their business name below.

Current Referral Business Partners

  • None currently
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