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The Home Microgreens Free Microgreen Growing Course will show you everything you need to grow beautiful trays of microgreens in the home!

The microgreen growing course contains 12 short video lessons with additional written explanations of the key points under each video lesson. Each lesson also has a dedicated comment and answer section in the Home Microgreens Community forum.

Below the registration form, you will find more detailed information on the video course and an outline of each lesson.

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What is in the HM Free Microgreen Growing Course

The course consists of 12 lessons that total over 2 hours of video plus additional written tips and information and helpful links to useful articles, videos, and the recommended products shown in the videos.

You can watch the video series all the way through before starting your first tray of microgreens, or watch them as you grow! The Lessons are arranged sequentially to a microgreen grow and labeled in such a way that you can quickly find the video you need if you run into uncertainty as you grow your microgreens

There may also be a special bonus for those who complete the course.

Below is a list of the videos and a description of the main points.

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Free Microgreen Growing Course

This video is an overview of the course, who this course is for, how to use the course & lessons, and how to leave and read comments to clear up anything that might be confusing or omitted in the video.

Lesson 2: Where to Grow Microgreens in the Home

In this lesson, I discuss where in the home you can grow microgreens. I weigh the positives and negatives of placing microgreens in high-traffic areas and give my recommendations on the best locations to grow microgreens in the home.

Lesson 3: Best Microgreen Trays

In the third lesson, I discuss what are the most popular microgreens trays and if you are new to microgreens or gardening for that matter what terms like 1010 and 1020 mean. Also, the important features of trays are outlined. 

Lesson 4: Preparing Microgreen Trays for Seeds

Filling trays with soil seems like it should be elementary. But there are a couple of key points that need to be discussed such as what variety of microgreens you are sowing, and how much water to add to the tray pre-planting. 

Lesson 5: How to Sow Microgreen Seed on the Trays

In Lesson 5, I discuss how to place microgreen seeds on the soil surface, if you need to soak microgreen seeds, and what tools can aid in evenly spacing your microgreen seeds on the tray. 

Lesson 6: Germinating Microgreens Using the Weighted Blackout Method

There are several different methods of germinating microgreen seeds. The method shown in this Lesson works well with all varieties of microgreens. It is the one method to learn first and I discuss it in detail in the Lesson. 

Lesson 7: When to Remove Microgreens From the Blackout Period

When to place microgreens under the light confuses even with advanced microgreen growers. If you follow the instructions in the Lesson video it will take much of the doubt away. The video also shows the difference between mold and those cute little root hairs that show when microgreen seeds germinate. 

Lesson 8: Setting Up the Lights for Optimal Microgreen Growth

In Lesson 8, we step away from growing microgreens and discuss what lights are best and the ideal distance between the lights and the top of the microgreens. What equipment you use, or choose not to use, affects how the microgreens will grow.

Lesson 9: Placing Your Microgreens Under into the Light

In Lesson 9, I discuss more details of light placement, sunlight, tray spacing, and the most important detail of all after sowing microgreens is how and when to water microgreen trays. 

Lesson 10: Growing Microgreens to Harvest Height

The hard work is over. But in this Lesson, I discuss the timing of watering your microgreens and general care of the greens as they grow toward harvest height. 

Lesson 11: Harvesting and Storing Microgreens

You have done it! You got your growing space prepared, filled trays and sowed seeds, cared for them in their more venerable state, gave them life with light, and carefully cared for them as they grew. Now it is time to harvest. In this lesson, I discuss how to know when microgreens are ready to harvest, what tools to use to harvest and store cut microgreens, and two methods that you can use to harvest. 

Lesson 12: Post-Harvest – What is Next?

Now that you have grown at least one tray of microgreens, what do we do next? Re-use the soil? How to clean the trays? What seed should we buy next? I discuss all of these topics in Lesson 12. 

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