Getting Started with Microgreens

New to growing microgreens? Here's some information to get you started.

Home Microgreens Mission

The mission of Home Microgreens is build and help an engaged and active community of 10,000 people successfully growing microgreens at home.

We will support the community by publishing educational articles, on-line courses, reference materials, and hosting in-person classes, as well as providing reasonably priced supplies and microgreen seeds.

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Why We Grow Microgreens

Even before the current world-wide crisis we believed the importance of growing nutritious and flavorful food at home. It's a fact that produce loses a significant percentage of their vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidant properties, and flavor everyday after harvest. Growing and harvesting nutrient dense food even makes more sense now, not only because of the nutritional value, but due to the importance of everyone becoming more self-sustaining. 

Enjoying the content

"I'm really enjoying the content on your website. I am growing my first tray of microgreens and have successfully germinated flax seed. "




I look forward to learning lots...from you!

" I'm so excited to be going on this journey! I've been reading your material, this email today with the suggestion to use smaller trays was awesome. Growing just for myself, I don't need that big tray all at once. I look forward to learning lots about growing microgreens from you!


Berkley, Michigan


Your system really makes a person an indoor gardener 

" Your system really makes a person an “indoor gardener” and one keeps a close eye and harvests at the correct time. I have to say, that the broccoli seedlings were something like I’ve never tasted before, so very delicate, almost ephemeral!!!    Perhaps an unexpected word to use, but it was like we were tasting the “essence” of the plant somehow, the spirit of it.  YUM!!!      


Searsmont, Maine


Growing Microgreens is Easy

Home Microgreens publishes articles expaining every aspect of growing microgreens. We make it easy by testing products, seeding densities, and growing methods for dozens of microgreen varities. Articles perfect for beginning growers are presented below.

We also have a free guide that explains the processes.

home microgreens free microgreen start guide


To start all you need is two containers, one with holes in the bottom, the other to hold water. A good potting mix, seeds, water, and artifical light or a place with 6-hours of sun.


Most microgreens require a few days of darkness, then a few more in light. Add a little water and between 7- and 14-days your microgreens will be ready to eat


To harvest, tilt the tray over a plate and use scissors or a sharp knife to cut the microgreens just above the soil.

pea shoots after harvest


First Level Articles

These articles will cover most of the basics, or have links to other terms beginners should become familar with at the start. 

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Second Level

Second Level Articles

These are great articles that show how Home Microgreens tests different grow media, seeding rates, and other topics that will help you to grow microgreens easier with less hassle. 

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