Free Home Microgreens Basic Growing Course

 120 minutes

Free microgreen growing course that covers the basics of growing microgreens at home. Step-by-step instructions in 12 video & text lessons. The lessons are detailed, but if you still have questions you can submit them and there is a system setup for quick answers.


microgreen seed density calculator with output in teaspoons

Microgreen Seed Density Calculators

Using the correct seed density will improve your microgreen growing success and give you better results, whether you are growing microgreens for yourself or others. The course includes two microgreen seed calculators and worksheets to record your most successful results.

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resource for microgreen nutrition

Microgreen Nutritional Resource

The Microgreen Nutritional Resource is a huge database of information on the nutritional aspects of microgreens and leafy green. It explains what each essential vitamin and mineral helps the body, the recommended Daily Value and %Daily Value for each nutrient, nutritional data for over 40 microgreens and leafy greens and much more.

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testing cilantro split seed against whole cilantro seed

Ultimate Guide to Cilantro Microgreens

This mini-course will contain all the information you need to sow, grow, harvest cilantro microgreens. Nutritional & health benefits will also be included as a module in the course.


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