Stick with One Microgreen System: Episode 42 Microgreen Podcast

Episode 42 of the Microgreen Podcast: Picking a Microgreen System and Sticking With It.

Also, what I think about people using artificial intelligence to create blog posts and articles.

It used to be that the only worry someone had about the information in a blog post was did the author have any experience with the topic or subject. Many professional bloggers do not write their blog posts. They have hired writers that look at the top few blogs on Google and write up a summary.

The actually blog owner might look over the content change a few words, add some links, and be done with it. The larger blogs have editors that make all of the content on brand. Neither owner or editor may have any experience with the topic.

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Now come AI, and it works by a person entering a question, say “how to grow broccoli microgreens” and the AI generator spits out 500 to 600 words on the topic by surveying the top Google returns and adding up all the keywords, similar phrases, and creating a supposedly plagiarized very short article.

This means I could start a blog on personal finance (which I’m not great at) and create a website and post three or four articles in a day without a problem. I’d create an account at any of the now numerous AI generators and type in “Should I have an emergency fund” and within 3 minutes I’ve have an article. Steal a picture, or download one from Unsplashed and I’m all set.

Here’s the Problem with Microgreens

The top blogs for microgreens aren’t only teaching you how to grow a particular microgreen, they are teaching a system for how to do that and care for your microgreens. What AI is going to do is mix up those systems and there is no guarantee that the systems will mesh together.

I recommend picking one system and learning it.

How Do You Know a Good Article From a Bad One?

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If a person is teaching how to grow microgreens or teach you anything, they should be using their own photographs for the most part. Any article that is teaching you how to grow broccoli microgreens and doesn’t have their own images of the process is either not an expert or they can’t take the time to write a good article and only want the blog post to rank on Google and draw people to their website.

Some stock images are fine but the majority of images should be original.

That is my two-cents on the matter. So authors work hard for their readers, others do not, it is your choice to support those that do if you want good information.

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