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Finding the Correct Seed Density for All Microgreen Trays

Includes Two interactive Seed Density Calculators and Worksheets

No More Guessing on How Much Seed to Use

Never guess how much seed to use ever again!

Using the seed density calculators in this course, you’ll be given exactly how much seed to use in any size tray.

 Enter the length and width of your microgreen trays, and the calculators tell you how many grams or teaspoons of seed to use for over 40 varieties of microgreens.

This is an internet course. The calculators are embedded on the website course lesson pages. Nothing will be shipped.

You will have instant access to the course.

Only $9.99 USD – Lifetime Access – Free Updates

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Finding the Correct Seed Density for all Microgreen Trays

This premium course contains 4 video lessons, 2 seed density calculators, and 2 worksheets to help you find the correct seed density of over 40 microgreen varieties for any size tray.

You will never have to guess how much microgreen seed to add to any tray from now on!

One seed calculator presents the recommended seeding rate in grams. The other calculator presents the recommended seeding rate in either teaspoons, tablespoon, or quarter cups! This one is what everyone has been asking me to make. 

Every microgreen variety in the Home Microgreens Store is represented. The quick video below shows the calculators in action.

Benefits to You

I knew when I started microgreens I had no idea how much seed to use. There was so much conflicting information on the internet, none of it made logical sense to me, it seems like all of the authors were guessing and living with the results.

I think this is true not only as a first time grower, but every time you grow a new variety, or use a different size tray.

It drove me nuts, because I knew using two teaspoons of basil seed would give me different results than using the same volume of cilantro seeds.

For those reasons, curiosity, and my logical sanity, I developed the calculators to quickly find a recommended seeding rate.

You Will Not Find Other Calculators Like These Two!

Based on Logic & Tested by Growing

I’m not going to bore you with how I came up with my idea of what makes a perfect tray of microgreens. Some of that is included in the first lesson (not enough to put you asleep), but I took a logical look at what I wanted to do, came up with a hypothesis for each microgreen variety and grew tray after tray of each microgreen variety. After each grow I tweaked the amount of seed until I was happy with the tray.

I still test each variety, it is easier now because of the 100’s of trays I grown, but I still grow several trays of a microgreen variety before I add it to the store or calculator. 

No More Guessing

Whether you are growing for the first time, growing a new to you microgreen variety, or growing microgreens in a different tray size you will have the answer to how much seed to use almost instantly. 

The short video below shows the calculators in action. 

Lifetime Access Including Updates

You will have lifetime access to the course and calculators. Including updates and improvements to the course and calculators. When there is a significant update you will receive an email explaining what has been updated. You must remain subscribed to receive the updates but even unsubscribed you will have access the course.

Possible Added Bonuses

Future plans may include a membership-like area on HomeMicrogreens.com and one of pieces of content would be the calculators. When the area is added you will be give a special discount as you already have permission to access the calculators.

Additional Information on the Course

The course contains four video lessons with additional text.

  1. Why Seed Density Is Important
  2. Finding Your Tray Dimensions
  3. Microgreen Seed Calculator by Weight
  4. Microgreen Seed Calculator by Volume

Beside the video lessons and the two seed calculators within, there are two pdf worksheets that you can use to write down the amount of seed to use for your favorite microgreens trays. 

There are also some reference papers included that discuss what parts of the microgreen contain nutrition.

Lesson one discusses why using the correct seed density is important and why throwing random amounts of seed isn’t so good.

Lesson two shows how to measure the planting area and not the total tray size for rectangular and round microgreen trays.

Lessons 3 & 4 contain the seed density calculators.

home microgreens seed density course

Ask Questions – Get Answers

If you have a question specific to a lesson, how to use the calculator or have a comment about the results, ask your question in the comment section of the lesson, and I’ll answer you personally to help you and other people.

Need More Information?

If you have any questions about the Seed Density Course, feel free to email me and I’ll get right back to you!

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