Fertilizing Microgreens: When You Need To & When You Don’t – Episode 41 of the Microgreens Podcast

Episode 41 of the Microgreens Podcast: Results of Fertilizing Microgreens

In this episode of the Microgreens Podcast, I discuss the results of the latest trial I ran using Hero Organic Plant Food on Purple Vienna Kohlrabi and Genovese Basil on both Home Microgreens Potting Mix and Coconut Coir.

The podcast is presented below. Further down on the page are links to the trials to see the photos yourself.

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Show Notes for Episode 41 of the Microgreens Podcast

Below are links to the fertilizer, soil, and seeds used in the fertilizing microgreens trial.

Hero Organic Plant Food

Home Microgreens Potting Mix

Coconut Coir Blocks

Purple Vienna Kohlrabi Seed

Genovese Basil Seed

Home Microgreen Planting & Watering Trays

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