What Do My Microgreens Yield Per Tray? How Many Microgreens to Expect From Each Tray

Microgreens Yield Per Tray – How Much Microgreens Will I Get From Each Tray?

Episode 38 of the Microgreens Podcast

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Show Notes for Episode 38 of the Microgreens Podcast: Microgreens Yield Per Tray

Many environmental factors affect the microgreen yield per tray.

Factors such as:

  • Variety
  • Temperature
  • Grow media
  • Fertilizer
  • Air Flow
  • Seed germination rate
  • Sunlight, indirect light, artificial light, or grow lights
  • and probably many more.

So it is hard for me to give you an estimate of what your microgreen yield will be per tray grown.

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I plant my trays with Home Microgreens Potting Mix and use the seed density that the Home Microgreens Seed Density Calculator provides me for each tray I use.

Here is what I expect from each tray of microgreens I grow:


Ten ounces for a 1020 tray, which is 0.05-oz per square inch of tray.

Sunflower Shoots

27 ounces for a 1020 tray, which is 0.135-oz per square inch of tray.

Pea Shoots

Twenty ounces for a 1020 tray, which is 0.1 ounces per square inch of the tray.


A bit less than the brassica’s

I don’t track the yield for the other microgreens I grow. But if I do calculate a yield I will be sure to post the number here.


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