Can You Reuse Microgreen Soil? Episode 009

Microgreens Podcast Episode 009

Can You Reuse Microgreen Soil?

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Microgreen Podcast Episode 009 Show Notes

This episode shows and answers one of the most commonly asked questions. Can you reuse microgreen soil? 

This podcast is associated with the following article. The article also includes a video of how we ran the experiment and shows the results.

Reusing Microgreen Soil – I Messed This One Up, See The Proof

Our soil is a blend consisting of a coco coir base. We do sell it in small bags in the Home Microgreens Store. Click the button below to see our soil product page.

Here’s a photo of our results from reusing microgreen soil. 

microgreens grown on reused microgreen soil

Even though we show that you can easily grow a new tray of microgreens on reused microgreen soil, we still do not recommend it.

The chance for disease is too great, and it takes some time to prepare the trays for planting. We’d rather throw the old soil in the compost heap and plant a new tray of microgreens on fresh soil.

Fresh soil leads to fresh microgreens. 

This is the reason we use soil over planting on microgreen mats.

tray of broccoli microgreens

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