Episode 001 – An Introduction to the Microgreens Podcast

Microgreens Podcast - Episode 001

An Introduction to the Microgreens Podcast

Show Notes

Welcome to the microgreens podcast.

I'm your host Todd Marsh, and I'm on a mission to help you, teach you, and motivate you to grow flavorful and nutritious microgreens in your home.

Each microgreens podcast is meant to supplement content published on HomeMicrogreens.com.

But in reality, the show is more about sharing with the joys of growing your own food.

Not only is it more nutritious, but to see those plants grow, they will lift your spirits, bring a smile to your face, and give you a positive outlook on life.

Let's get started

What is Episode 001 of the Microgreens Podcast About

The Microgreens podcast episode one.

This first episode is going to be a short introduction to the podcast and tell you what it's all about. Give you my thoughts on what I think the future episodes will look like.

But first, I want to drop a line to our sponsors. This podcast is sponsored by Homemicrogreens.com and the Home Microgreens Store. These should be your go-to websites for information about growing microgreens at home and where to buy your seeds and supplies.

Why Start a Podcast?

So why does Home Microgreens want to start a podcast?

Well, the main reason is that a reader reached out to me.

She's visually impaired and had a hard time going through the articles.

She wondered if I could create an audio file and put the audio file on the blog post. Well, I thought that was a pretty good idea, but why not just make a podcast out of it, while adding a little more information to the article.

I don't want to just read the article, but I will summarize the article and expand on the information inside of the article.

So the podcast won't just be a summary of the article. It will add some additional information and provide more narrative on the thought patterns and the thought processes behind the article.

I don't expect to drive much traffic to the website with the podcast. It's more about connecting with the readers and giving them another way to absorb the content.

The Premise of Homemicrogreens.com

If you're new to homemicrogreens.com. The whole premise behind the website is testing the dogma on the internet and provide a better way to grow microgreens at home.

It's sort of a pragmatic view.

And I see the podcast taking that pragmatic view and making it more realistic.

While it's easy to layout exactly what I did in my experiments and testing in an article. It's much harder to write down the thought process behind it in words.

So this is where the podcast comes in. It's much easier to disseminate the information verbally than it is to write it all out.

I think a podcast episode, along with an article, is a great way to give you more information in one place on homemicrogreens.com.

The 4 Types of Shows on the Microgreen Podcast

I see four different formats for the microgreens podcast.

First, there's going to be a summary of any article written on homemicrogreens.com. The podcast will have additional information and narrative on things not necessarily mentioned in the article and probably will include more references than the article does.

The podcast will also be a place where I can answer questions that people have emailed to the website. And of course, at the end of each podcast, I'll ask for questions. You can send them to my email, todd@homemicrogreens.com, and I'll try to get those answered right on the podcast.

There will also be open forum podcasts where I'll introduce new equipment, some awesome seeds, and products.

And you know, I probably will have some rants in there too. I'll talk about what's affecting our food supply. I'll talk about microgreen nutrition. And lots of other things and topics that just might be too short to make a whole article. I'll just include them in a new podcast.

So those are the formats that I see for the Microgreens Podcast.

And of course, there's going to be other information on new seeds and products that Homemicrogreens.com is going to offer, upcoming articles, what research I'm working on, what experiments I'm doing, and things that are going to be upcoming in the podcast and on both websites.

So that's the introduction to the Microgreens Podcast.

I just wanted to put out there what this is all going to be about in episode one.

We'll start off with a new topic in episode number two.

What's Coming Up?

There are a lot of interesting things coming up. And in fact, right after this podcast, I'm going to be planting a new red leaf radish. It's actually a purple radish, and that's called SiaSia purple. It's a hybrid. And it is way better than a Rambo, in my opinion.

Right now, I'm working out the seeding density. And once I get that done, I'll be doing an article and have those in the Home Microgreens Store. It's a really beautiful red radish.

But before that's published, probably the next article I put out will be on cilantro and using split seeds instead of the whole seeds., Split seeds are definitely much better to use, and I'm going to have it a whole article dedicated to planting those split seeds.

If you have any questions that you'd like answered, just email them to Todd@homemicrogreens.com and put in the subject line "Question for the podcast."

Or, you can reach out to me on the contact page.
I'd appreciate that very much.

And of course, you can subscribe to this podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

If you have a comment, put it down there and give me a rating. I'd really appreciate it.

Don't forget to visit home microgreens.com and the Home Microgreens Store to get your next microgreen seeds so that you, too, can keep on growing.

Have a great week.

Let's keep going.

Author of this Article is Todd

Todd is the founder of Home Microgreens & the Home Microgreens store. He also writes for several other websites, including MyViewFromTheWoods.com.

His microgreens have appeared in Better Homes & Garden magazine and other websites.
Todd worked at a large farm market, garden & nursery center for 20-years. Somehow he snuck off to become a geologist and professor before coming back to his senses to write & lecture about microgreens and gardening. He will be in the garden, trout stream, or on a mountain trail with his Springer Spaniel Caden when not at the computer.

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