Episode 005 – How to Grow Celery Microgreens

Microgreens Podcast Episode 005

How to Grow Celery Microgreens

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Microgreen Podcast Episode 005 Show Notes

You can read the related article Micro Celery: Intense Flavor Without the Tough Strings.

Celery is not a beginner’s microgreen. Here’s our article on The 6 Easiest Microgreens to Grow.

If you’re looking for the microgreen seed calculator you can find it in this article: Microgreens Seed Calculator – Find the Perfect Seeding Density

Adjust the width and length bars to your trays dimensions and the seed weights for each variety will change.

Visit the Home Microgreens Store to buy Celery Microgreen Seeds

Celery seeds are on special until 10/26/2020 at 50% off. Enter the coupon code: Celery in the cart or on the checkout page.

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