Growing Microgreens – Guides by Variety

Beet Microgreens – Does Soaking the Seeds Improve Germination?
Beet microgreens are often labeled as moderately difficult to difficult to grow. But their earthy flavor is well worth the[...]
Growing Amaranth Microgreens – An Easy Alternative Method
Red Garnet Amaranth microgreens are the most vibrant microgreen we grow. One could argue that Bull's Blood Beets are just as[...]
Growing Beet Microgreens – Bull’s Blood Beets
Growing beet microgreens at home is very easy and requires no special conditions or grow lights. The variety of beet[...]
Growing Cilantro From Seed – to Soak or Not to Soak the Seed
Growing cilantro from seed, either to grow out in your garden, place in containers, or as microgreens can be at[...]
Growing Onion Microgreens and Leeks Too!
How to Grow Onion Microgreens and Leeks Too!Very few people think about onion microgreens as a thing.But let me tell[...]
Growing Radish Microgreens
Radish microgreens are very popular with foodies and home microgreen growers. There are many good reasons for the radish microgreen[...]
Growing Sunflower Microgreens – Presoaking the Seed
Growing Sunflower MicrogreensSunflower microgreens are very popular, and for a good reason, they have a pleasant nutty flavor, are juicy,[...]
How to Grow Amaranth Microgreens – Vibrant & Unique
Amaranth is one of the most vibrant and beautiful microgreens you can grow. Besides its striking red color, the taste[...]
How to Grow Broccoli Microgreens – Super Easy
Broccoli microgreens are one of the easiest and quickest microgreens to grow. Not only that, but broccoli microgreens pack a[...]
How to Grow Cilantro Microgreens
Cilantro microgreens are my favorite microgreens to eat. Their flavor adds so much freshness to food and can be used[...]
How to Grow Colorful Swiss Chard Microgreens Without Nasty Seed Husks
There are several very colorful varieties of Swiss chard microgreens. This article shows you how to grow (and not grow)[...]
How to Grow Genovese Basil Microgreens
Genovese basil is the most common variety of basil grown by both commercial and home microgreen growers. Basil's popularity among[...]
How To Grow Lettuce Indoors
How to Grow Lettuce IndoorsGrowing lettuce indoors is not only easy but economical too! Although not technically a microgreen, we're[...]
How To Grow Pea Shoots – Breaking Most Of My Rules
How to Grow Pea Shoots or Pea MicrogreensPea shoots, not to be confused with pea sprouts (sprouts are grown in[...]
How to Grow Radish Microgreens Using My 2 Favorite New Varieties
Radishes are one of the easiest microgreens to grow. A how to grow radish microgreens article can be summed up[...]
How To Grow Red Mustard Microgreens – 2 Easy Ways
Mustard microgreens are a fun group of plants to grow. They come in all kinds of shapes, colors, varying degrees[...]
How to Grow Stunning Rambo Radish Microgreens
Rambo radish microgreens are visually stunning and have a snappy radish flavor with a bite.The red or purple color and[...]
How To Grow Sunflower Microgreens At Home
How to Grow Sunflower Microgreens at HomeSunflower microgreens are very popular as they are delicious, juicy, and nutritious. Their mild[...]
Micro Celery: Intense Flavor Without the Tough Strings
There are many advantages to using micro celery in the kitchen.Both during the cooking process and as a seasoning once[...]
Outredgeous Lettuce – How To Easily Grow A Crazy Bright Red Lettuce Indoors
Yes, Outredgeous Lettuce and Not Outrageous LettuceDo you like the play on words with the naming of Outredgeous lettuce? Look at[...]
Purple Vienna Kohlrabi Microgreens
Purple Vienna Kohlrabi is an easy to grow microgreen. If the name doesn't sound familiar, or you don't like the[...]
The 6 Benefits of Using Split Cilantro Seeds for Microgreens
What are split cilantro seeds?More appropriately, we should ask what are split coriander seeds?Because the seeds we use to grow[...]
The Secret to Removing the Seed Husks from Bull’s Blood Beet Microgreens
We love Bull's Blood beet microgreens. Look at the color of those microgreens in the cover photo, as well as[...]

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Microgreen eBook

A comprehensive microgreen ebook that details the principals of growing microgreens at home. Several different methods and processes are detailed.

The ebook comes in two versions, one version includes instructions to grow the most commonly grown microgreens. The second includes access the microgreen vault, a database containing more varieties and information with images taken throughout the stages of growth.

Video Courses for the Home Grower

The Home Microgreens Video Course is perfect for the person that wants to grow one or more trays of microgreens for home use. Trays of microgreens also make great gifts! 

The course includes short, easy to follow videos and checklist for each step along the way.

Step-by-step video instructions are included for the most commonly grown microgreen varieties. 

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Do you want to learn how to grow microgreens for profit? Grow microgreens as a side hustle, retirement income, or maybe even as an occupation. 

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The Home Microgreens Store

The Home Microgreen Store has all the supplies you need to grow microgreens at home. 

We stock complete microgreen kits, trays, professional potting soil, miscellaneous equipment and of course microgreens seeds.

Microgreen kits make great gifts, home school or rainy day projects, and are fun for the whole family.

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