Use This Many Teaspoons Of Microgreen Seed For Perfect Trays: New Microgreen Seed Density Calculator

In the previous microgreen seed density calculator I published, the output is in grams. The difference with the microgreen seed density calculator presented below is the output is in teaspoons, tablespoons, or quarter cups.

Because the new microgreen seed density calculator will provide the seeding rate in teaspoon, tablespoon or quarter cup (depending on the seed variety) units it makes it easier for those without a scale to seed their microgreen trays perfectly. 

Home Microgreens Swivel Measuring Spoon set with seed

I suggest using steep or vertical-sided measuring spoons when scooping your microgreen seeds. The steep sides of the spoons are more accurate with round seeds (especially larger seeds) than spoons that are shaped more like rounded bowls.

I do have the measuring spoon set available in the Home Microgreens Store.

How to Use the Home Microgreen Seed Density Calculator

First, measure the average length and width of the microgreen tray you will plant (in inches).

Important Step

Don’t necessarily measure the edges of the tray, but rather, the extent of the soil in the tray. You want to calculate the plantable surface area in the tray. The planting surface may be smaller if the sides of your trays slope and are not filled with soil.


Once you have measured the length and width of your planting area, adjust the slider bars on the calculator to the plantable dimensions of your tray. The bars move in quarter-inch intervals.

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You’ll notice that values under each microgreen variety below the sliders will change as the sliders move.

The value presented under each microgreen variety is the volume of seed you should plant in your microgreen tray. The calculator may return the seeding volume in teaspoons, tablespoons, or quarter cups, depending on the microgreen variety. Be sure to double-check.

For Reference

3 teaspoons = 1 Tablespoon

4 Tablespoons = 1 Quarter Cup

Note: The calculator provides the seeding rate in level teaspoons, tablespoons, or quarter cups, not rounded or heaped.

If the returned value is 0.3 teaspoons, it is ok to mound seeds on the 1/4 teaspoon spoon. Or if the value is 2.8 teaspoons, leave a little room in a tablespoon.  

Do You Have a Round Tray?

If so, measure the diameter of your planting area (in inches) and divide that by 2. This is the radius of the tray.

Multiply the radius by Pi (3.14) to find the area of the planting area.

Take the square root of the planting area and enter this value into the Home Microgreens Seed Calculator as both the length and width.

Don’t want to do the math?

The Home Microgreens Seed Density Course (discussed below) has a calculator that does all the math for you.

Rather have the seeding rate in grams? Click here to visit that seed density calculator.

Home Microgreens Seed Density Course

I have created a new mini-course that includes two seed calculators. One provides recommended seeding densities in grams, and the second, like the one above, gives you the seeding rate in teaspoons, tablespoons, or quarter cups.

The calculators in the course contain the seed densities of almost 50 different microgreen varieties instead of the 13 above. Plus, I will be adding more moving forward. 

You will also get updates when the calculators are modified, or a new variety is added. 

The course contains 4 video lessons, two calculators, links to papers discussing where the most nutrition is found in greens, and worksheets to record your seeding volumes or weights. 

You will get lifetime access to the course and discounts on features to be added in the future.

Home Microgreens Seed Density Course & Calculators

The course is available for those in the US and Internationally!

Course contains:

  • Four video lessons
  • Two seed calculators (grams & volume)
  • 40+ microgreen varieties in the calculator.
  • Two worksheets to write down your seed weights or volumes.
  • Links to peer-reviewed papers.
  • Lifetime access & updates
  • Future discounts on other premium content
  • Money back guarantee

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Free Microgreen Growing Guide


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