Episode 014 Preventing and Killing Mold on Microgreens

Microgreens Podcast Episode 014

Preventing and Killing Mold on Microgreens

Prevention is the key to stopping mold. But if mold does grow there are a few ways to kill it.

We talk about all the methods we use to prevent mold from growing and also ways to kill it once it starts to grow.

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Microgreen Podcast Episode 014 Show Notes

In this episode of the Microgreens Podcast, we discuss all things mold.

This podcast is associated with a full-length article we wrote on the same subject. You can read the article and see all the images discussed in the podcast by following the link below.

11 Proven Ways to Stop Mold on Microgreens Unless they’re Beautiful Root Hairs

Preventing Mold

There are at least eight things you should do to prevent mold from growing in your microgreens. Keeping equipment clean is one of the best methods to prevent mold.

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Another overlooked factor is soil. The longer soil sits around, the more chance it has of collecting and growing mold spores.

Ensure the soil you buy hasn’t been sitting around and hasn’t undergone many temperature swings. This can cause condensation in the bag; we all know mold loves moist soil.

Also, take the soil out of the bag as soon as you get home and store it in a sealed tote with some air space.

See the article for more ways to prevent mold from growing on your microgreens. Especially how to treat the seed.

Killing Mold

Once mold starts growing, it’s not the end of things.

Mold can be killed if treatment begins soon after you see the problem.

You can take some environmental actions to help get rid of mold. If you can, put the tray in the sunlight. Sunlight is a mold killer. If that’s not possible, elevate the tray so it’s close to your LED lights. 

Second, increase airflow around the tray. Instead, USB computer fans on the growing rack or put a fan near the trays to increase air circulation. 

Don’t put the microgreens in a hurricane. A steady gentle breeze is good enough. 

Mold Killers

We recommend three solutions to mist onto a microgreen tray with growing mold.

These are Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Vinegar, and Grapefruit Seed Extract. Yep, grapefruit seed extract.

We will have a separate article on using grapefruit seed extract soon.

The dilution and how to use the solutions are discussed in the associated article.

We hope that you never have to worry about mold on your microgreens. But at least you know where to get solutions if that does, unfortunately happen.


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