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Speckled pea shoots taste just like fresh peas from the pod. The speckled peas have more leaves but have fewer tendrils than green pea shoots. These seeds are organic.

We sell speckled pea seeds in packages with the correct weight for the Home Microgreens tray, 5-by 5-inch trays, 10- by 10-inch trays, the 1/4-pound, and also by the pound.

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Seed by the PoundSeed by the PoundSeed by the Quarter PoundSeed by the Quarter PoundSeed for Home Microgreen TraySeed for Home Microgreen TraySeed for 5 by 5 TraySeed for 5 by 5 TraySeed for 10 by 10 TraySeed for 10 by 10 Tray

Speckled Pea Highlights

  • Germination: 2 to 3 days
  • Soak: Yes, 6 to 8 hours
  • Harvest: 10 to 16 days
  • Flavor: Pea microgreens, shoots, or tendrils, taste like fresh peas from the pod! They are crunchy raw and can be used raw, in stir-fries, and you can also cook with them.
  • Rich Nutrients: High in Vitamin C and A, calcium, iron, and fiber.

Pea microgreens are easy to grow once you get the hang of it. We’ve tested all different ways of growing peas as microgreens, and we recommend planting them a bit differently than other microgreens. Here’s a link to our current preferred method.

The difference between green peas (there are many varieties) and speckled peas is that the green peas grow more of the thin tendrils. Speckled peas have more leaves and are generally more tender and less fibrous.

Both, however, taste great and whether chopped or steamed tasted like fresh peas from the pods.

These microgreens are vigorous growers once they get started. The pea plants root deeply, so deeper trays work best. However, we get three sometimes four cuttings from one planting in the Home Microgreens Tray.

The 5 by 5 trays or 10 by 10 trays would be great containers for growing peas.

The flavor is just like sweet garden peas! We prefer to chop the pea stems before adding them to a salad or cooked foods. You can also add them as they are to stir-fries or steam them.

Harvest pea microgreens in as few as 10-days, but I usually let them go much longer. If harvested correctly, you can get 2 or 3 cuttings from one planting. Harvest the upper portion of the pea plants for more tender greens and better re-growth.

Package Sizes

  • Home Microgreens Tray is 38 grams. The HM Tray area is 37.5 square inches.
  • 5- by 5-inch Tray is 25.3 grams
  • 10- by 10-inch Tray is 101 grams
  • We also sell pea seeds by the pound.

How Much Seed Do You Need For Your Tray?

If you use Home Microgreen planting trays, there is no need to worry. Each seed packet has the correct number of seeds for the provided tray.

However, if you’re using a difference planting tray, use the calculators in this post to figure out how many packets or grams of seeds you need.

Click This Link to use Calculators: Planting Tray and Seed Calculators


Seed by the Pound, Seed by the Quarter Pound, Seed for Home Microgreen Tray, Seed for 5 by 5 Tray, Seed for 10 by 10 Tray


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