Microgreen Kit Lite – Choose from 30+ Varieties


The Microgreen Growing Kit Lite comes with a planting and watering tray, lid, professional soil mix, and your choice of microgreen seed!

You get to choose a variety of microgreens from the extensive list below.

Grow microgreens for less! These kits are very economical, as you can use the trays over and over again.

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Available Options

Amaranth, Red Garnet$7.99
Arugula, Roquette$7.99
Basil, Genovese$9.99
Basil, Lemon$7.99
Beet, Bull's Blood$9.99
Broccoli, Waltham$9.99
Cabbage, Red Acre$9.99
Cauliflower, Snowball$9.99
Celery, Utah Tall$9.99
Cilantro, Leisure$9.99
Cress, Upland$9.99
Kale, Red Russian$9.99
Kohlrabi, Purple Vienna$9.99
Leek, American Flag$9.99
Mix, Mighty Micro$9.99
Mix, Spicy$9.99
Mustard, Southern Giant$9.99
Mustard, Wasabi$9.99
Onion, White Bunching$9.99
Parsley, Flat Leaf$9.99
Pea, Speckled$9.99
Radish, Purple Rambo$9.99
Radish, Red Arrow$9.99
Radish, Triton$9.99
Swiss Chard, Ruby Red$9.99
Sunflower, Black Oil$9.99
Turnip, Purple Top$9.99

The Microgreen Kit Lite gets you started with growing microgreens.

The Kit includes a Home Microgreens Planting, Watering Tray, Professional Blended Growing Soil, and your choice of microgreen seeds. Choose your microgreen variety by using the drop-down menu.

Why grow your own? Think about the vegetables and greens in the grocery store for a minute. How long have the vegetables in the grocery store been sitting around? How long did it take to get them to the store?

Vegetables, especially greens, start to lose vitamins & minerals immediately after harvesting.

When you grow microgreens at home, you harvest minutes before eating them!

Growing and eating fresh microgreens will increase your vitamin and mineral uptake due to the freshness factor.

Remember, these are natural vitamins & minerals and not laboratory-manufactured synthetic vitamins. In addition, natural vitamins are absorbed more readily than synthetics.

The difference between the Home Microgreen Lite Kit and the Home Microgreen Kit is the Lite Kit doesn’t contain a spray bottle or shaker bottle.

Microgreen Kit Lite

The microgreen kit includes the following items:

  • Planting Tray;
  • Watering Tray;
  • Professional Blended Growing Soil;
  • Your choice of Microgreen Seeds (perfect amount for growing tray);
  • Instructions.

The best part is you can purchase additional seeds and soil to grow tray after tray of microgreens. You can grow trays of microgreens for only a couple of dollars each.

All you need is an area with natural or artificial light and water.

The Process is Easy!

Here’s an outline of how easy it is to grow your fresh microgreens, aka Living Supplements.

  • Unpack the box.
  • Add fresh water to your spray bottle.
  • Place the planting tray (the one with holes) into the watering tray (dry).
  • Use the lid to level and lightly tamp the soil in the planting tray.
  • Dampen the soil with the spray bottle.
  • Add the microgreen seeds to your seed shaker bottle.
  • Evenly spread the microgreen seeds onto the soil surface.
  • Spray the seeds and soil with the spray bottle.
  • Cover the seeds and soil with the lid turned upside down.
  • Place a weight on the lid, cover it with a tea towel, and place it in a semi-dark location.
  • After two or three days, check on the seeds. They should be lifting the cover off the tray.
  • Lightly spray the seedlings with the spray bottle and place the tray under direct light (natural or artificial) — the more intense the light, the better.
  • The next day, lift the planting tray from the watering tray and add a little water. Then, slowly and gently lower the planting tray back into the watering tray.
  • You will tell if the tray needs additional water just by feeling the tray’s weight.
  • Wait for 7- to 14 days (depending on the light, temperature, and variety of microgreens), and you can begin to harvest your microgreens!
  • Use a very sharp knife or a pair of scissors to harvest the microgreens. You don’t have to harvest the whole tray! If you don’t need all of them, let the remainder continue to grow!
  • Order your next batch of microgreen seeds!

That’s all there is to it.

Simple as simple can be!

The planting tray is 37.5 square inches.

If you want to purchase a Full Microgreen Kit, Click Here.

Note: The soil shipped with the Kit comes in a tightly sealed plastic bag. Do not store the soil in the closed plastic bag for very long. Moisture will build up. Store the soil in a tote or open the bag and store it that way. For more information, see this post.

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