Miracle Gro Performance Organic Ingredients

What’s in Miracle Gro Performance Organic All-Purpose Container Mix?

Everyone knows the Miraclegro product line, at least the potting mix that is in the green and yellow bag commonly found at all garden center retailers.

I discussed what ingredients are found in that Miraclegro Potting mix and I think we all know that potting mix contains synthetic fertlizers.

Maybe you didn’t know that Scott’s Miraclegro line also has a potting mix, well they call it a container mix, that does not have synthetic’s mixed into it.

It is called Miracle-Gro Performance Organics (a registered trademark product). In this article, I will take a look to see what it contains and in a future article I will do a review of how well it grows microgreens and seedlings in the house.

miraclegro performance organics potting mix or container mix

What is in Miracle Gro Performance Organics Potting Mix?

All indoor potting soils should be called “Mixes” because they are not soils. So, if I slip up and write or say soil, it’s because I use it interchangeably from years of not understanding the difference. I don’t want to confuse you when I mix the two.

Listing of the Ingredients of Miracle Gro Performance Organics

The ingredients listed below are directly from the label or the Scott’s website. Because there are so many different Miracle Gro mixes and blends, I want to clarify the ingredients listed are from the label on the black and yellow bag as shown in the cover image at the date the article was published.

Miracle Gro Performance Organics Container Mix Contains:

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  • Sphagnum peat moss
  • Processed Forest products
    In Georgia, the mixture is 45 – 55% composted forest products.
    In New Hampshire, forest products are replaced with Processed softwood bark.
    There is no mention of what the percentages are elsewhere.
  • Perlite
  • compost – doesn’t way what kind or how it is derived
  • Peat moss
  • Fertilizer – see components below
  • Yucca – presumely as a wetting agent

If an ingredient listed above is orange, you can click that link to learn more about it if you are interested or curious.

What Are The Fertilizer Ingredients in Performance Organics?

The fertilzier componets in Miracle Gro Performance Organics are all natural.

The published NPK analysis of the fertilzier compenets is listed as:

  • N = 0.19 % of which 0.01% is water soluble
  • P = 0.03%
  • K = 0.03%

It says it will feed up to three months.

if you want to see the cost and other information about the product you can click here to see the listing on Amazon.

How Did Performance Organics Do During Testing?

I am still putting together the test results of the trial grow I did using this potting mix.

Besides the Performance Organics, I tested Home Microgreens Potting Mix (another all natural potting mix only with coconut coir), and Performance’s big brother Miracle-gro potting mix growing both a quick developing microgreen and a slow growing microgreen.

My Thoughts On Performance Organics?

The ingredient list seems a little thin, and I’m not a fan of soybean meal because I don’t know how it was derived. However, Miracle-gro did get Performance Organics ORMI listed so I doubt it contains soybean meal derived from GMO soybeans.

The fertilizer analysis seems quite weak too. Only 0.03 % and really less nitrogen as only 0.01% is water soluble. Meaning that only that little amount is bioavailable to plants until microbes break down the remaining nitrogen products.

I guess the testing will resolve most of my questions.

Stay tuned!


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