Why Crop Planning Is Such A Headache & How to Solve It – Microgreen Manager

Episode 46 of the Microgreens Podcast

In episode 46 of the Microgreens Podcast, I interview Garrett Corwin, owner of Piedmont Microgreens and co-founder of a new software solution to microgreen crop planning and customer order tracking.

The software is called Microgreen Manager and is currently in beta (September 2023) and is scheduled to go live in November 2023.

Below is Garrett’s and my discussion of the headaches that microgreen crop planning and order tracking cause. And how Microgreen Manager solves the excruciating daily manual tracking by making a simple task list to follow from planting, care, harvesting, order packing, and harvestable surplus & deficit projections that can be dealt with in advance.

The last feature is invaluable because you have a heads-up if you have more or less microgreens needed for your next orders giving you time to find buyers for the surplus or better customer service by alerting your customers to shortages so they can make adjustments in their order.

This is not a sponsored article or podcast. Home Microgreens has no affiliation with Microgreen Manager or Piedmont Microgreens. The Home Microgreens logo on the images below is for copyright protection of the screenshots provided by Microgreen Manager. I have not used or seen a live version of Microgreen Manager therefore this is not a recommendation only a presentation of a product that you may find useful.

Microgreens Podcast Episode 46 – Conversation with Garrett Corwin of Microgreen Manager

Show Notes & Screenshots of Microgreen Manager

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Screenshots of Input & Output Forms From Microgreen Manager

Crop Creation Process Screen

microgreen manager crop creation process screen

Example of a Completed Crop Entry – Form is Editable

completed crop creation in microgreen manager

Creating A Blend – Blend Creation Form

Microgreen Manager blend creation form

Example of a Completed Blend in Microgreen Manager

a blend created in microgreen manager

Order Creation Process Form

crating an order in microgreen manager

Example of a Created and Active Order in Microgreen Manager

a created order in microgreen manager

Creating Custom & Recurring Tasks in Microgreen Manager

creating custom tasks in microgreen manager

Microgreen Manager Task Dashboard

the task dashboard in microgreen manager

Upcoming Harvest Dashboard in Microgreen Manager

harvest dashboard in microgreen manager

Harvest Time Window in Microgreens Manager

harvest times in microgreen manager

The Concise Packing List Produced by Microgreen Manager

order packing list in microgreen manager

An Example of a Surplus or Deficit List in Microgreen Manager

Surplus list produced by microgreen manager

Upcoming Task Summary Window in Microgreen Manager

task list produced by microgreen manager

List of Upcoming Harvest & Overdue Harvests Produced by Microgreen Manager

upcoming harvest list produced by microgreen manager

For More Information & to Contact Garrett at Microgreen Manager

You can reach out to Garrett and his team by clicking on the following links.


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