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Tray Separator for Microgreen Trays


This tray separator is made from corrugated plastic (coroplast) and is great for covering microgreen trays during the blackout period.

Available Options

HM Tray$1.75
1010 Tray$3.99

The Home Microgreens tray separator is an easy way to place microgreens into the blackout period. You can either add weight to the top of the separator or place an empty microgreen tray on top of the separator and put a weight inside the tray.

Tray separators currently come in two sizes.

One size for the Home Microgreens Tray is approximately 8-1/2 inches long and 5-3/4 inches wide.

The other size fits over a 1010 tray and is approximately 11-1/2 inches long and 10-3/4 inches wide.

The thickness of the coroplast is 3/16’s of an inch.

These tray separators are made from coroplast, a corrugated plastic that is very strong and lightweight. The tray separator is easy to clean. Take a soapy sponge or paper towel and wipe it clean.

The tray separator is black plastic and will fit over the tray, excluding any light. We still place a tea towel over the trays, but this isn’t necessary.

The tray separator is an excellent upgrade from the lid that comes with the Home Microgreens Planting Tray.

In my opinion, tray separators are worth the cost.

The tray shown is not included. Only the tray separator is included in the price.

The edges may be sharp, so please be careful and keep these away from young children.

The video shows how to use the tray separator.


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