Red Russian Kale Microgreen Seed


Red Russian Kale microgreens have the nutritional punch of mature Kale but without the bitterness. In fact, they are mildly sweet.

They have thick leaves, giving a crisp mouthfeel with an explosion of flavor.

We now sell Kale Microgreen Seeds by the ounce, cheapest on the internet at $4.99!

Red Russian Kale is sold in packages with the correct weight for the Home Microgreens Tray, 5- by 5-inch trays, 10- by 10-inch trays, and by the ounce.

More information below.

Seed by the OunceSeed for Home Microgreen TraySeed for 5 by 5 TraySeed for 10 by 10 Tray

Red Russian Kale Highlights

  • Germination: 2 to 3 days
  • Soak: No need.
  • Harvest: 8 to 12 days.
  • Flavor: A nutty broccoli flavor.
  • Nutrients: Vitamins A, C, and K, copper, iron, and anti-oxidants.

Red Russian Kale Microgreens have dark-green serrated leaves outlined in light purple and variegated pink, purple, and bright red stems.

This variety has a consistent flavor compared to other kale microgreens. They have a similar taste like mustard greens, only less spicy and nuttier.

Kale Microgreens have all the nutritional punch of mature kale but without the bitterness. In fact, they are mildly sweet. They have thick leaves, giving a crisp mouthfeel and explosion of flavor when chewed.

Kale Microgreens are great eaten fresh, but can also be lightly sautéed to tame their flavor. They make also make a great addition to salads, eggs, sandwiches, and smoothies.

Red Russian Kale microgreens also have more iron per calorie than beef.

Easy to grow with harvest times from 8- to 12 days.

Package Sizes

  • Home Microgreens Tray is 2.5-grams. The HM Tray area is 37.5 square inches.
  • 5- by 5-inch Tray is 1.7-grams
  • 10- by 10-inch Tray is 6.7-grams
  • 1-ounce package, 28.35-grams in an ounce. Lowest price on the internet, only $4.99!

How Much Seed Do You Need For Your Tray?

If you use Home Microgreen planting trays, there is no need to worry. Each seed packet has the correct number of seeds for the provided tray.

However, if you’re using a difference planting tray, use the calculators in this post to figure out how many packets or grams of seeds you need.

Click This Link to use Calculators: Planting Tray and Seed Calculators


Seed by the Ounce, Seed for Home Microgreen Tray, Seed for 5 by 5 Tray, Seed for 10 by 10 Tray


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