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Red Acre Cabbage Microgreen Seeds

(6 customer reviews)


Red Acre Cabbage microgreens are beautiful petite red to violet stemmed with variegated shades of green leaves. Mild cabbage flavor.

Red Acre Cabbage microgreen seed is now available in 1-ounce packages.

Sold in packages with the correct weight for the Home Microgreens tray, 5- by 5-inch trays, 10 by 10-inch trays, ounce packages, 4-ounce packages, and 1-pound bags.

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Earn up to 20 Seeds.

Red Acre Cabbage Highlights

  • Germination: 2 to 3 days
  • Soak: No need.
  • Harvest: 9 to 14 days.
  • Flavor: Tastes like sweet cabbage with a spicy aftertaste.
  • Nutrients: Vitamins C, E, and K, beta-carotene, and iron.

Red Acre Cabbage microgreens are beautiful petite red to violet stemmed with variegated shades of green leaves.

Red Acre is easy to grow and reaches harvest height quickly.

The microgreens have a fresh and sweet cabbage-like flavor with a bit of spiciness at the end. The greens are crunchy and great for salads, sandwiches, or makes a fantastic garnish!

Quick to mature with tall stems for an easy harvest in 10 to 15 days.

Package Sizes

  • Home Microgreens Tray is 3.5-grams. The HM Tray area is 37.5 square inches.
  • 5- by 5-inch Tray is 2.3-grams
  • 10- by 10-inch Tray is 9.3-grams
  • 1-ounce packages
  • 4-ounce packages
  • 1-pound bags

How Much Seed Do You Need For Your Tray?

If you use Home Microgreen planting trays, there is no need to worry. Each seed packet has the correct number of seeds for the provided tray.

However, if you’re using a different planting tray, use the calculators in this post to figure out how many packets or grams of seeds you need.

Click This Link to use Calculators: Planting Tray and Seed Calculators


Seed for Home Microgreen Tray, Seed for 5 by 5 Tray, Seed for 10 by 10 Tray, Seed by the Ounce, Seed by the Quarter Pound, Seed by the Pound

6 reviews for Red Acre Cabbage Microgreen Seeds

  1. Kevin S. (verified owner)

    Great quality and good price

  2. Patrice K. (verified owner)

  3. David Burch (verified owner)

  4. Sarah E. (verified owner)

  5. drkamlesh.agarwala (verified owner)

    Good germination

  6. selake (verified owner)

    These are the prettiest little micros. I love the red. The price of these seed AND the shipping as so reasonable. This is my “go to” site to order greens.

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