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Coco Coir Fiber Grow Mat


The coconut coir fiber mat is the best grow mat we have tested.

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Coco coir fiber grow mats outperformed the hemp TerraFibre and bamboo grow mats in our tests. The thickness and airy structure allowed for excellent root development.

The mats are cut to fit a 1010 tray.

We recommend soaking coco coir grow mats for a few hours before planting. Although we didn’t in our testing, having the coir soak up more water will give seeds a better chance of growing, especially around the edges of the mat.

The coco coir fiber grow mats will fit inside a 1020 tray (see images) but not the entire length. Use a pair of scissors to cut the mat to size. The fibers are tough but manageable with scissors.

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Coco Coir Fiber Grow Mat

Availability: In stock

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