Growing Microgreens Using Espoma Potting Mix, Soil Storage, and Upcoming Microgreen Fiber Mat Trials: Episode 013

Microgreens Podcast Episode 013

Growing Microgreens Using Espoma Potting Mix and Soil Storage

We also discuss upcoming growing trials using different kinds of fiber mats as growing media. 

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Microgreen Podcast Episode 013 Show Notes

In this episode of the Microgreens Podcast, we discuss growing microgreens using Espoma Potting Mix.

We trialed Espoma alongside Home Microgreens potting mix to see which would grow broccoli microgreens better.

Espoma potting mix held it’s own; not quite as good as Home Microgreens potting mix, but we’d definitely use it.

You can read more about the trial and Espoma potting mix by clicking this link.

If you’re interested in Espoma Potting Mix, click the button to see the product on Amazon.

Home Microgreens potting soil, though a bit more expensive, grows microgreens a little better, in fact, it hasn’t been beaten in any head-to-head trials. Home Microgreens potting mix and 60+ varieties of microgreens seeds are sold in our store.

How to Store Soil

home microgreens sells seeds

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This also led to a discussion on how to store soil in the home best using totes. We say get rid of the bags and dump the soil into appropriate-sized totes.

Getting the soil out of the totes is much easier than the bags. Also, use a high-sided tray when filling your microgreen planting trays. You can scrape off the extra soil into the tray and dump the soil back into the soil tote when you’re finished.

It pretty much eliminates spilled soil.

Growing Microgreens on Fiber Mats

Strange that a podcast discussing growing microgreens with soil would lead to talking about fiber mats.


So many people have emailed wanting me to start working with fiber mats that it worked its way into the conversation.

I have at least five different kinds of fiber mats to test.

Each type of mat will be run on a one-on-one matchup with the Home Microgreens potting mix to compare how well or how badly microgreens grow on fiber mats.

I think I already know the answer.

I hope everyone can handle the truth.

But, hey, I’ve been surprised before!

Stay tuned.

Drop a comment below and say, “Hell, Yes to Mats” or “Hell, Yes to Soil.”

I want to know where everyone stands.


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