Thank You For Your Purchase of the Microgreen Nutritional Resource

Thank you very much! Your purchase is much appreciated!

You are now registered for the Microgreen Nutritional Resource. You can access the Resource at anytime by going to the header of Homemicrogreens.com and clicking on the Course tab.

The Resources is much easier to use on a computer because of the large tables. They can be used on mobile as well, but a larger screen is ideal.

You must be logged in to access the Resource, If you are logged in you will see the Account tab as in the image below. If you are not logged in you will see the words Login where My Account is located.

thank you page for Microgreen nutritional resource

Once you click Courses in the drop-down menu you will be taken to the Course home page. You will see all of the courses and resources available from Home Microgreens. Find the Microgreen Nutritional Resource card as shown below.

how to gain access to the microgreen nutritional resource.

The red arrow points to a tab at the top. If you are logged in it should say Enrolled. If not, it will show the price of the course.

If are you are logged in with the email you purchased the course with and the price is showing then it might take a few minutes for the systems to catch up.

If you have problems logging in, you can email me at to**@ho*************.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once inside the Resource please watch the video in the first Lesson “How to Use the Home Microgreens Nutritional Resource.” As advised in the video, you will need to acknowledge the disclaimer in the second Lesson by entering your email and clicking on three boxes saying you have read and accept the disclaimer.

Then you can access any of the 39+ lessons in the Resource. Again, this isn’t a course, the wording of Lesson is the default for the software. This isn’t a course where you need to follow a linear path. You can access anything you want once you have agreed to the disclaimer.

I hope you enjoy the Resource and it provides you with the information you need for a healthier lifestyle!

If you have comments, please leave the comment in the Home Microgreens Community under Microgreen Nutritional Resource.

Click below to visit the Home Microgreens Course Page and to access the Microgreen Nutritional Resource.

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