Terrafibre Hemp Grow Mat

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When used with a good organic liquid fertilizer, the Terrafibre™ hemp grow mats perform almost as well as the Home Microgreen’s Potting Mix.

We sell Terrafibre hemp grow mats in three sizes and by the linear foot.

Mats are cut to fit the Home Microgreens tray, a 1010 tray, 1020 trays.

For the linear foot, you can order any length in whole numbers and the width is 10-inches.


Available Options

fits Home Microgreen Tray$0.89
fits 1010 Tray$1.49
fits 1020 tray$2.89
by the Foot$1.79

Terrafibre™ hemp grow mats have proven themselves to grow some microgreens as good as our potting mix as long as you use a good liquid fertilizer when watering.

We have an article series on using these hemp growing mats on Home Microgreens.

Note* Some varieties of microgreens can not be grown on mats. We will be updating the product listings soon. We may also provide a downloadable cheat sheet listing microgreen varieties that can be grown.

This is a new product, and we are working on the updates.

Terrafibre Hemp Grow Mat Sizes

The Terafibre™ hemp grow mats are sold in three pre-cut sizes and also by the linear foot.

The precut sizes are:

  • Home Microgreens Tray 3.5- by 6-inches
  • 1010 Tray 10- by 10-inches
  • 1020 Tray 100 by 20-inches

The hemp fiber mats can be stretched slightly. More so by width than length.

We also sell the hemp grow mat by the linear foot. The mat is 10-inches wide. You can order in any length you wish in whole numbers. The price listed is for a 10- by 12-inch piece. For example, a 3-foot length would be 3 times the listed per-foot price.

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    This is my first shot at using these mats

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