Red Garnet Amaranth Seed

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Red Garnet Amaranth is bursting with a robust earthy flavor. It adds great flavor and striking color to any dish as a fresh garnish or to a salad.

A favorite in traditional or microgreen salads and is often used as a garnish.

Sold in packages with the correct weight for the Home Microgreens Tray, 5- by 5-inch trays, and 10- by 10-inch trays.

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Earn up to 6 Seeds.

Red Garnet Amaranth Highlights

  • Germination: 2 to 3 days
  • Soak: No Need
  • Harvest: 10 to 24 days
  • Flavor: Sweet and earthy
  • Nutrients: Vitamins C, E, & K, beta-carotene, calcium, and iron.

Red Garnet Amaranth is a thin, delicate microgreen, but it’s bursting with a robust, earthy flavor.

Its striking colors make it a great garnish or as an addition to any salad.

Amaranth prefers warm growing conditions, so find a warm spot for germination and growth. A seed heating mat helps germination and speeds up maturity.

Be careful not to overwater Amaranth.

You can harvest Amaranth either in the cotyledon stage or allow it to grow and harvest when true leave form.

Red Garnet Amaranth Seed Package Sizes

  • Home Microgreens Tray is 1.1-grams. The HM Tray area is 37.5 square inches.
  • 5- by 5-inch Tray is 0.7-grams
  • 10- by 10-inch Tray is 2.9 grams

How Much Seed Do You Need For Your Tray?

If you use Home Microgreen planting trays, 5 by 5, or 1010 trays, there’s no need to worry. Each seed packet has the correct number of seeds for the provided tray.

However, if you’re using a different planting tray, use the calculator in the article below to figure out how much seed you need.

Click this link to use the calculator: Home Microgreens Seed Density Calculator.

Weight.04 oz

Seed for Home Microgreen Tray, Seed for 5 by 5 Tray, Seed for 10 by 10 Tray, Seed by the Ounce

11 reviews for Red Garnet Amaranth Seed

  1. Kevin S. (verified owner)

    Great quality and good price

  2. David Burch (verified owner)

  3. Debra R. (verified owner)

    Suppose to be full of nutrition…like all microgreens…am looking forward to trying this one.

  4. Sarah E. (verified owner)

  5. drkamlesh.agarwala (verified owner)

    Excellent Quality Good value for money

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from drkamlesh.agarwala
  6. cjberkstresser (verified owner)

    I’ve grown amaranth many times now. These “greens” (reds?) are on the thinner side, so it’s harder to get a large quantity. But I love the beautiful red color and the fast germination time!

  7. drkamlesh.agarwala (verified owner)

    Excellent germination beautiful color but this time thinner sides makes it difficult to harvest.

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    Image #1 from drkamlesh.agarwala
    Image #2 from drkamlesh.agarwala
    Image #3 from drkamlesh.agarwala
  8. Christina B. (verified owner)

    I have these seeds in a mix which also includes broccoli, kohlrabi, and mustard. These guys are pretty small, but they do add a fun red color to the mix. Recommended!

  9. Jayme Ford (verified owner)

  10. Lydia Smith (verified owner)

    Super vibrant and yummy~ also very heat tolerant outdoors in the bright California sun!

  11. Dennis Yancey (verified owner)

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