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Organic Mighty Microgreen Salad Mix Seed


A mix of the most nutritious Organic microgreen seed. Flavorful, healthy, and beautiful. Easy to grow!

Available Options

Seed for HM Tray$2.29
Seed for 1010 Tray$3.89
By the Ounce$6.49
1/4-lb Bag$18.99

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Organic Mighty Microgreen Salad Mix Highlights

  • Germination: 2 to 3-days
  • Soak: No need
  • Harvest: 9- to 11-days
  • Flavor: As a mix, there are many flavor profiles. Slightly spicy but not hot.
  • Rich Nutrients: Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, many minerals, and antioxidants. The mix contains the more nutrient-rich microgreens!

Our Organic Mighty Microgreen Salad Mix is very similar to our most popular seed seller, only using certified Organic seed instead of conventional seed sources.

This microgreen salad mix contains five different microgreen seeds that germinate and reach harvest in similar time frames.

The microgreen mix combines microgreens with green and red leaves and white and red stems.

We call it Mighty Microgreen because it’s chock-full of nutrition!

The microgreen salad mix contains a mixture of Broccoli, Red Russian Kale, Red Acre Cabbage, Blue Kale, and Wasabina Mustard, providing a tasty blend of microgreens that also looks beautiful.

The Mighty Micro microgreen mix that Home Microgreens created includes the most nutrient-dense microgreens in a mixture that has a beautiful flavor! We use this same mix to grow our Mighty Microgreens sold at health stores and our subscription customers. Customers like this mix so much that it is the only microgreens they buy, and they have 4 or 5 clamshells delivered each week!

You can also grow and harvest this delicious & nutritious microgreen salad mix in as few as 9-days.

Package Sizes

  • The Home Microgreens tray seed packet weighs 3.3-grams.
  • The 1010 tray weighs 8.9-grams.

We also sell Mighty Micro Mix in the following sizes.

  • By the ounce
  • and a 4-ounce bag

How Much Seed Do You Need For Your Tray? You don’t need to worry about how much seed you need if you use Home Microgreen planting trays or 1010 trays. Each seed packet has the correct number of seeds for a perfect tray of nutritious and flavorful microgreens.

The seeding area of a Home Microgreen Tray is 37.5 square inches.

However, if you’re using a different planting tray, use the calculator in the article below to figure out how much seed you need.

Click this link to use the calculator: Home Microgreens Seed Density Calculator.


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