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Here's a list of resources I use to grow and raise microgreens. There are also some website resources I use for this site if you're interested in such things. 

Each of these resources I use, have used, or trust to grow my own microgreens. Some of the links may be my affiliates, and as such I will receive a small commission if you purchase after using the link at NO additional cost to you. It's these small commission that help create the content on this site. I appreciate all the help you may provide.

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Grow Lights

UniFun 45W LED Grow Light

This 45-watt grow light panel is 12- by 12-inches and will work great for microgreens. Because you raise the light between 12- and 18-inches above the growing plants it can be used for 4 to 6 small trays of microgreens. 

It doesn't work well when using storage racks to grow microgreens but can be hung over a table or any flat surface. I also use two of these lights to grow tomatoes indoors.

TaoTronics Full Spectrum Grow Light Bulbs 

You can use this 36-watt full spectrum grow light bulb in a clamp-on shop light fixture. Two of these bulbs in Home Depot Clamp Light fixture light up one of my microgreen storage shelves. 

The light spreads out and will provide enough coverage and light to grow 6 small trays of microgreens. If you rotate your trays daily two bulbs could provide light for up to 10 small trays.

LED Shop Lights

Barrina LED T5 Integrated 6500K Super Bright White Lights - 6 Pack

These are the lights installed on the new microgreen shelving unit. Two lights per shelf placed about 9-inches above the growing microgreens. Each pair of lights is daisy chained together.

What I like about these lights is the cost, they are inexpensive and work. The lights come with so many ways to connect and power themselves.

They're working great! They also come in more sizes and combinations.

Home Depot LED Shop Lights

home depot shop light

This is a 30-watt 3-foot long LED shop light that is perfect for microgreens. The Brightness is 3000 lumens in the range of 4000 k. You can purchase the light at Home Depot on-line here.

If you go to the store ask for SKU# 1003 235 453.

home depot shop light

This is a 30-watt 4-foot long LED shop light that is perfect for microgreens. The Brightness is 3000 lumens in the range of 4000 k. You can purchase the light at Home Depot on-line here.

If you go to the store ask for SKU# 1001 698 107.

Seed Heating Mats

VIVOSUN Durable Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat

Seed heating mats will without a doubt speed up your microgreen production. Seeds will germinate quicker and the microgreens will grow faster. 

We use two mats on each shelf of the microgreen growing rack. They use little electricity with no problems after two years of use. Also notice you can buy a two pack and save a bit of money.

Books & References

Grow Microgreens in Your Home

A book focused on growing microgreens at home. Not huge trays, but rather small trays where microgreens can be harvested when needed. Use smaller trays and grow more varieties in the same space. 

Details what you need to get started, how to set up an area, purchase and sow seeds, raise the microgreens and harvest them. Also, includes a large library of microgreens and how to grow each.


Uncle Jim's Worm Farm


What do we do with out microgreen soil after we harvest the greens? 

We vermicompost it with our kitchen waste! New video on how to start composting with Red Wigglers will be published soon!

We buy our Red Wigglers from Uncle Jim's. Worms ship very well!

Supplies & Equipment

Growing Supplies - Home Microgreens Store

start growing micogreens

The Home Microgreens Store carries all the supplies you need to grow microgreen in your home. From containers, soil, seed, and any other equipment you may need. 

Starter kits are also available!

Each product has been tested in the home environment. 

Microgreen Racks

Love this Muscle Rack! I find the 18-inch width works great, no need for the 24-inch wide racks. 

The best part is the shelf locking and adjustability. I dislike the way the chrome shelving units adjust, the plastic breaks and can easily slip.

I also ordered an extra shelf directly from the manufacturer with no issues. Wish it had wheels, but it works great. 

Can't beat the price!

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