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Home Microgreen Store

The Home Microgreen Store has all of your seed, soil, and microgreen tray needs!

We have our own products including a professional soil mix, our own trays for the home microgreen grower, and pre-packaged seeds containing the perfect amount for 5- by 5-inch trays, 10- by 10-inch trays and of course the Home Microgreen Tray – a system we developed that is perfect for the Home Grower.

We also sell seed by the ounce at reasonable prices !

Home Microgreen Courses & References

Home Microgreens is dedicated to educating and showing people how to grow microgreens both for home use and for those that wish to make some side money.

Besides the free content articles, a free beginners course, videos, and guides, Home Microgreens offers an in depth microgreens course for the person that wants to grow perfect trays of microgreens. The courses include much more detail and information on specific varieties than the general beginners course does.

We also offer a course for those that want grow microgreens and earn a little extra spending money. These same concepts can be scaled to make more money if one so desires.


We’ve grow our microgreens under many different lights. Depending on the location and which microgreen variety we are growing our choice of lighting changes. Below are some of our favorite lights.

Barrina LED T5

Not the most powerful lights in the world, but for close spaced racks it’s hard to beat the price. We use these on all of our newest microgreen racks. The lights are available in many different size tube lengths and number of lights per pack.

Decorative Light for Kitchen or Living Room

Decortive light stand that will hold Home Microgreens Trays. If. you want a light that’s more decorative than a shop light this is it! There are two options for an adjustable stand height or a model with a 18-hour timer. You can also purchase the separate planting pots and use those instead of the HM trays.

Single LED Light

Maxxima 2-ft 5,000K

Looking for one small light to grow mirogreens, maybe on a book case or small kitchen rack? Here’s the light for you. Small, but still linkable to other lights if you want to add down the road. The 5,000K daylight color is perfect for microgreens

Light with Light Stand

Here’s a self contained 6,400K LED light and adjustable light stand. It’s 2=ft wide. There are 4-foot versions as well. Comes with everything you need to light-up your microgreen trays. 

Mars Hydro SP 150

A very powerful and economic light that works great for growing microgreens and lettuce on tables or the top shelf of racks. We use this light to grow four 1020 trays of lettuce all winter long! Available Directly or on Amazon.

Under Cabinet Plant Lights

Looking for an under cabinet light suitable to grow microgreens? Here they are, high reviews and perfect light for micros!

I have not tried these, but according to the reviews and the photos these seem perfect for those that want to grow under the kitchen cabinets.

Microgreen Soil

We recommend our own soil blend. We have tested many soils, both professional and garden center brands and have found ours to out perform all that we’ve tested. But, here are some other’s you can try including Pure Coir.

microgreen soil

Home Microgreens Professional Potting Mix

This is the soil we recommend. We have modified some of the best professional soils into a soil that we know works the best in Home Microgreens Trays.

Fox Farms Coco Loco

We based our soil mix on this blend. It works great. It might seem expensive but you can fill Home Microgreens Trays for about 60-cents. So if you plan on growing microgreens all year or at least through the winter months this is a great deal! 

Pure Coconut Coir

Buying Coir by the brick is very economical. However, it will only grow the quickest microgreens. Longer than 10-days and there’s not enough nutrition in the coir to grow plants well. Their growth stalls. This coir is OMRI certfied. You can use Ocean Solution (see below) to help plants grow.

Fox Farm Happy Frog -Small Bag

Looking for a small bag of soil? I still recommend the Home Microgreens Mix – comes in two sizes. But if you want to buy from Amazon here’s a solution. Happy Frog is peat-based. We prefer coco coir but this soil mix will work. The bag contains 12-quarts

Microgreen Racks

You can grow microgreens about anywhere, but having a growing rack is ideal. Here are some options for you, both small and large. 

Small 3-tiered Rack

This is a 29-inch high rack that will fit under most windows. You can use sunlight, or add a 2-ft long LED light on the 2nd or 3rd shelf. Use the bottom rack during the blackout period. Perfect to grow just a few trays of microgreens.

18-inch High Rack

This rack is only 18-inches high and is made by Muscle Rack. My favorite rack company. A smaller rack that works perfect for home microgreen grower.

72 by 18 Muscle Rack

These are my preferred larger racks. I like the key-hole locking mechanism better than the slide and groove shelf connectors. This rack also comes in a 24-inch wide model as well.

6 Shelf Rack

Most common rack used to raise microgreens. The 5 shelf racks have too much space between the racks. Zinc plated shelfs hold up well and less expensive than stainless steel racks.

6 Shelf Rack with Wheels

Similar to previous rack, only this model has wheels. Some people find it easier to move and clean behind the rack when it has wheels. 

4 Shelf Rack

More shelves are better, but sometimes price is more important Here’s an inexpensive rack that you can adjust the rack heights or lower lights to get the distance between micros and lights correct.

Microgreen Fertilizer 

If you use a professional potting mix you most likely won’t need any fertilizer. However, if you use pure coconut coir your microgreens will need some help. Below are the only ones we’ve tested and trust. 

Ocean Solution

An organic liquid fertilier that works well. Makes 64-gallons of fertilized water. Easy to use, no mess or staining. Complete plant nutrition as it contains all 90 macro, micro, trace, and ultra-trace mineral nutrients.

Heat Mats

Since I keep my microgreens in a cooler room during the winter months sometimes I need a heat mat during germination. Some people use heat mats under sunflowers for better germination too.

Vivosun 2-pack Heat Mat

This is the heat mat I use. No thermostat just the heat mat. Two fit my shelves nicely. Last for years! All you need.

Vivosun 48-inch Heat Mat & Thermostat

One mat fits across a 48-inch shelf. You’re able to set the temperature to your liking. A bit of over-kill but we’ve notice many customers prefer the mat with thermostat. This is a Vivosun and I trust their products.

Vivosun Thermostat

If you want to regulate one vivosun heat mat you can purchase this thermostat. The heat mat plugs into this unit and the thermostat plugs into the wall outlet. The thermometer reads the mat temperature and your setting adjusts the mat’s power.


Other helpful equipment and supplies

Two-plug Timer

A must have if you have multiple lights on your microgreen set-up!

USB Fans

These fans run via USB ports and can be mounted on your microgreen shelves to provide more ventilation across your trays.

Power Strip with USB Ports

A ten plug power strip with 4 USB ports (for fans). Comes with a long 6-foot long power cord. The large size provides room for timers and USB fans.


Inofia is the brand I use in my room. Humidity can cause fungus to form, so I use the dehumidifier to not only remove humidity but move air near my microgreens. This model has worked very well for us.

microgreen trays

1020 Heavy-duty Microgreen Trays

Do you need larger microgreen trays? These from Bootstrap Farmer are the ones I use. Yes, we have them, but Bootstrap Farmer can ship them less expensive than we can.

Reference Books

Here are the books I recommend, including my our own!

Grow Microgreens in Your Home

Coming soon, but you can sign-up to get free chapters and help develop the book. 

The Microgreens Cookbook

Learn how to get more use out of your microgreens. They’re more than garnish or salad fixings.

Microgreen Garden

Another prespective on how to grow and use microgreens. We stand behind out methods to grow small trays of microgreens successfully, as shown step-by-step in our articles. But more information never hurts.

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