Grow Microgreens In Your Home

Grow Microgreens in Your Home e-book

Learn How to grow microgreens at Home – Harvest Fresh Nutritious and Flavorful Microgreens seconds before eating them!

Why Grow Nutritious Microgreens in Your Home?
  • Vitamins & Minerals. Microgreens have up to 50 times the vitamins & minerals than store-bought mature vegetables & greens.
  • Fresher Food. After harvesting, greens start to break down stored carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, leading to loss of food value, moisture, flavor, and nutrients. Cut only what you need and let the rest grow!
  • Improve Flavor. Microgreens provide a punch of flavor. Use as a topping for salads and soups; toss a small handful into a smoothie before blending; or as a main dish garnish; add microgreens into an omelet or scrambled eggs; or replace lettuce with microgreens on a burger, sandwich, or tacos

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In The Book, You Will Discover:

Microgreen BENEFITs

Learn all the health & culinary benefits microgreens have to offer. What vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants each variety of microgreen provides to you. See how to incorporate microgreens into your food to improve both nutrition and flavor from your food.

How to grow microgreens easily

Microgreens are easy to grow and require very few supplies. Grow them on a window sill or even on your kitchen counter. With basic equipment you can grow a tray of microgreens providing several servings for less than a head of organic leaf lettuce.

Step-by-step information

Grow Microgreens in Your Home provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to grow microgreens in general, but also specifics (preparation, seeding density, sowing, growing, & time to harvest) for each variety. The eBook is photo-rich with time-lapse images so you can see and compare your progress to a successful planting!

free lifetime updates

The advantages of an eBook is that it can be updated quickly and inexpensively when new information becomes available or is created. When new editions of Grow Microgreens in Your Home are published you will be given the option to download the new version and no additional cost to you!

About the Author:

Todd Marsh

On a whim I starting growing microgreens and incorporating them into my meals. The added freshness, flavor, and health benefits encouraged me to grow new varieties. However, all the microgreen growing information is aimed toward growers interested in selling cut microgreens to the public or restaurants – not the people that want to grow microgreens for their own purposes. 

growing microgreens

For this reason, I decided to research and write Grow Microgreens in Your Home. 

The eBook includes general and specific information on how to grow small quantities of microgreens (small trays) for home use. 

No other microgreen book or ebook is aimed toward home use growers who want to add a few fresh microgreens to their meal and let the rest grow instead of lose nutrients, or worst go bad in the refrigerator. 

Grow Microgreens in Your Home eBook

Dedicated to those wanting to grow fresh greens at home – not the commercial grower

Contains all the information you need to grow microgreens in manageable small trays in your home. Harvest the amount you want seconds before adding them to your meal. Grow several varieties to add nutrition and flavor to your food. Free lifetime updates! 

See How Easy It Is to Grow Fresh MicroGreens Right In Your Own Home!

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