Microgreen Nutrition and Health Benefits

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Microgreen Nutrition & Health Benefits

Are you curious about the nutritional and health benefits that microgreens contain?

microgreen nutrition and health benefit

Microgreen Nutrition & Health Benefits

Cilantro Health Benefits: 15 Ways Cilantro Benefits Your Body.

Cilantro Tastes Good on Tacos But Does It Benefit My Health? Cilantro is an herb

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Want to Learn How to Grow Microgreens?

Get our free guide and see how easy it is to grow nutritious and beneficial microgreens right at home. Produce, especially greens, lose a huge percentage of their nutritional value everyday after they’ve been harvested. 

Now you can harvest fresh microgreens every day and enjoy their plentiful benefits!

It’s easy!

Our Free Guide will show you how!

home microgreens free microgreen start guide

Free Quick Microgreen Guide

Follow the recommendations in this guide and you’ll be eating microgreens in as few as 7-days!

Growing Microgreens is easy if you follow the simple steps in this colorful 39-page guide.

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We Also Carry Everything You Need

All the supplies and seeds you will need can be found in our store!

We ship quickly and have very competitive pricing!

Microgreen kits also make great gifts! Give the gift of health!

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Home Microgreens Store

All the supplies and microgreen seeds you need to grow beautiful and nutritious microgreens at home!

Our prices are as competitive as the larger seed sellers. We also have our own soil, microgreen kits, and trays!

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