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Quick Guide to Growing Microgreens at Home

It's time to start growing nutritious and flavorful food in your home!

home microgreens free microgreen starter guide

Why Download This Microgreen Starter Guide?

Starter guides provide information you need to get started, but here are the reasons this guide is where you need to start. 

Reason 1 - Shows you what you need to get started

The guide outlines inexpensive equipment & supplies you need to get started and provides the best place to source those supplies.

Reason 2 - Starter Microgreens

Most microgreens are easy to grow, but others not so much. Success is based on early wins. The HM starter guide lists the six best microgreens for early success and confidence. 

Reason 3 - Introductory Content

Not only do you get the best microgreen starter guide, you will receive emails with tips and advice as you start the journey to grow microgreens and nutritious & flavorful food at home.

Reason 4 - Expert Recommendations

The starter guide is just that, a place to start and get your hands in the soil and a fresh taste of the wonderful world of microgreens. The guide and recommended articles will provide references

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Grow Microgreens

Nutritional loss

Fresher - more nutrients

As soon as produce is harvested it starts to lose nutritional value. If your vegetables are shipped or are in coolers at the grocery store, they are already depleted of nutrients. They lose 46% of some key nutrients within seven days, even in cold storage.   

Vegetable price increase

Grocery Store Costs Going Up

USDA finds Farm-level vegetable prices increased by 43.4 % in March 2022 and reached 81.5 percent above the prices observed in March 2021. Farm-level vegetable prices are predicted to increase between 8.0 and 11.0 percent in 2022

Number of Microgreens

Wide Variety

There are over 85 different vegetable, herb, and even edible flower microgreen varieties that you can grow in the home to add a wide spectrum of flavor to your food and a huge array of nutrition to your diet. 

home microgreens free microgreen starter guide


What they say about Home Microgreens Content

I have grown microgreens a few times. I had bad luck, not sure if it was the seeds or me. I came across HomeMicrogreens.com and the guide and articles helped me understand the growing process to achieving a great crops. I watched all the videos and read all the articles; each time I learn more.

Samantha Powers

I found Home Microgreens when looking for a podcast on microgreens. Todd, I’ve enjoyed the episodes and must say you are a good teacher and very thorough. I love the fact that you review at the end of the podcast.

Kathleen Talisman