How To Start Microgreens: My Best Germination Methods

germinating microgreens domed blackout method

How To Start Microgreens

My Best Germination Methods

What varies the most when growing microgreens is how you germinate different types of seeds. 

Here are all the methods I use to start growing microgreen seeds.

How to Start Microgreens

The first method will work for all microgreens. However, the next three will work better for some microgreen varieties. I created a four-part series on how to germinate microgreens. All four of these fantastic articles are listed below with quick little videos of each method. 

Weighted Blackout Method

Use this method for most microgreens like broccoli & kale. Click the button to read more about this method. The free course also discusses this method in detail.

Buried Blackout Method

Use this method with hard seeds like beets & Swiss chard. Click below to read more about this method.

Domed Blackout Method

Use this method with thin-stemmed amaranth & mustards. Click the button below to read more about this method.

Hybrid Blackout Method

Use on sunflowers, peas, and vertically challenged microgreens. Click the button below to learn more about this method.

More Articles on the Blackout Period

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