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Home Microgreens will show you how easy it is to grow tasty & nutritious microgreens at home!

The content in Home Microgreens is created to describe and explain what microgreens are, how they will benefit you, and the best ways to grow microgreens at home.

Home Microgreens contains hundreds of articles, videos, and dozens of podcasts about microgreens. We cover a wide range of topics, such as:

  • What are microgreens?
  • Why grow microgreens?
  • The nutritional and health benefits of microgreens.
  • How to grow microgreens by variety.
  • How to care for microgreens.
  • How to harvest and preserve microgreens.
  • We show you the best mediums to grow microgreens on.
  • We show you which equipment is the best and most reliable.
  • We have microgreen recipes.
  • We also sell high-quality non-GMO seeds, microgreen supplies, and equipment.
  • A member section lets you talk to people who grow microgreens at home.
  • There are free and premium courses to help you on the microgreen growing journey.
  • Home Microgreens is a one-stop shop for information, education, and microgreen supplies.

If you already know what microgreens are, you can skip down to see what our readers and customers have to say and view the Mission & Value statements.

What Are Microgreens

Microgreens are young vegetables, herbs, or flowering plants, usually harvested within two weeks of planting. The young plants are concentrated with nutrients and flavor! Because microgreens aren’t grown to mature size, the seeds are sown very densely in small trays that take up very little space. For these reasons, microgreens are ideal for growing in the home.

Why Grow Microgreens At Home

Good food is fresh, nutritious, flavorful, and enticing to eat.

Microgreens check all of those boxes.

What’s fresher than harvesting microgreens directly onto your plate?

Study after study finds microgreens contain 4 to 40 times more nutritional value than the mature vegetable.

Microgreens were first used by top chefs to dress up their dishes – and there’s no way they will add any ingredient that doesn’t improve flavor or make the food more appealing to the eye.

Don’t confuse microgreens with that stalk of curly parsley thrown on your plate by the diner line cook. They add nutrition and visual appeal.

One taste and you’ll agree!

Expensive in the Store – Not so at Home

At first glance, microgreens appear to be expensive in the store. There are several production and marketing reasons for this.

But remember, microgreens are nutritional powerhouses that contain more vitamins and minerals than full-sized veggies and herbs in a much smaller package. You use much less per serving.

Growing Your Own

Cost isn’t the case when you grow them at home; in fact, you can produce several ounces for under two dollars! Plus, the startup equipment doesn’t need to be expensive. 

Here’s Where Home Microgreens Comes In

Home Microgreens will show you how easy it is to grow microgreens indoors; for that reason, these tiny, year-round greens a popular choice for urban home-gardeners.

Yes, you can have fresh greens every day, even during the winter.

Home Microgreens startup equipment is inexpensive, and seed packets and soil come ready to use – no measuring or guessing how much seed or soil to use.

Our step-by-step articles test different methods, equipment, supplies, and seeds.

The internet is full of techniques and recommendations on how to grow microgreens.

We run experiments on the internet dogma and show you firsthand which is the best method to quickly and easily grow fresh, nutritious microgreens.

What our Readers & Customers Say

I’ve really enjoyed learning about and growing your microgreens and I appreciate your prompt service and response to questions I’ve had, thank you!

Terri A.

Grand Praire, Texas

I received my microgreen kit and have already started it. Tomorrow I get to peak in and see how it is going. I liked how easy the directions are to put together.

Marta S. C.Lawrence, Kansas

” I’ve been to lots of sites online, but you all’s approach and general tone grabbed my attention.  I got your 7 or 8 page free starter book and immediately made some changes in procedure.”

Christina B.

 Troy, Missouri

Home Microgreens Mission

Home Microgreens’ mission is to help an engaged and active community of 10,000 successfully grow microgreens at home. Support is provided to the community through educational articles, online courses, and in-person classes and provides reasonably priced supplies and seeds to that wonderful community.

Our Vision

Our vision is that people will dedicate a portion of their home to growing fresh and nutritious food throughout the year. The dedicated space needs not to be large, for you can raise a surprising amount of healthy & tasty greens on a bookcase shelf, a small bakers’ rack, or even a window sill.

You will find that increasing the growing space to a four or five shelf rack in the basement, spare bedroom, or office doesn’t require that much more effort.

The value of the yield far outweighs the cost of supplies.

Fresh greens will improve your families’ health as store-bought veggies lose much of their nutritional value in transport and storage. The increased energy and surprising sensation of feeling better will bring about happier moods and mental acuity, leading to a more active lifestyle.

Besides the distinct health benefits, people will find that growing their own food from seed to harvest in as little as 10-days is fun and educational.

Especially for families with children or those looking for a hobby or a useful and productive activity.

LED lights for microgreens

We know this vision is possible because this is what happened to us within months of growing and including microgreens in our diet.

Our Story and Core Values

In the not too distant past, I was in the process of being more health-conscious. I noticed that my fresh vegetable consumption consisted of broccoli, zucchini & onions, and asparagus.

That’s it-all year long.

When I did purchase salad mix, it usually ended up in the trash as a dripping mass of brown goo as I never dug it out of the crisper when it was well, crisp. 

Better But Not Great

Determined to improve my diet, I added more store-bought vegetables and locally raised meat. It made a difference, I felt better, but I still wasn’t running on all cylinders.

In a past life, I was a produce buyer for a large farm market. I knew that even the freshest vegetables were usually a week old, and if they came from the opposite coast, at least two weeks old.

You see, larger grocery stores don’t buy what they need for one day. They are always buying for the future, as running out of a product is not acceptable.

Don’t get me wrong, the produce looks fresh, it is well taken care of, but still, each day (some say each hour) vegetables sit around whether, in a cooler or not, they’re losing vitamins & minerals.

Even though I added more vegetables to our meals, they were shipped in from the opposite coast most of the year. And they weren’t providing my body with the vitamins and minerals it needed.

The Hunt For Nutrition

At some point in my health quest, I heard about nutrient-dense young vegetables called microgreens.

My time as a produce buyer was well before microgreens came on the scene.

Intrigued, I started to do some research on microgreens. I learned that they were indeed packed with vitamins and minerals and could be grown indoors easily and quickly.

home microgreens events and presentations
getting started with microgreens
Todd Marsh


When I looked up how to grow them, most if not all of the articles on the internet were focused on growing huge trays of microgreens to sell restaurants or at farmer’s markets—nothing for the person that wanted to raise a few for a small family. 

Even more frustrating was the lack of details in the instructions. The primary tenant was throwing a tablespoon or two on some dirt or hemp, adding water, and harvesting when they were three or four inches tall. Oh yeah, and make $2,000 by selling them.

Scaling Down Didn’t Work

Not giving up, it made sense that the process could be scaled down using ratios based on the size of the tray.

It didn’t work very well.

The recommended volume of seed was too inaccurate. This became apparent when I looked at the size of radish seeds compared to kale seeds. After all, the end result is to grow an X number of plants in each square-inch of tray.

Microgreen seeds are different sizes and densities. Using a volume of seed, like a tablespoon, wasn’t the answer.

Long Story Short

After several trials and errors, I figured out the average number of seeds that should be grown per square inch of tray.

Using that along with the known number of seeds per ounce and scaling based on the mature size of the microgreen, an equation was derived that would estimate each seed variety’s correct weight no matter the size of the tray.

More People Want This Information

We figured that more people wanted to grow small trays of microgreens at home, so why not share our findings and experiments on the best soils, mats, and lights.

This led to creating the Home Microgreens website and, eventually, an e-commerce store that sold seeds and preferred equipment.


Our values at Home Microgreens are, to be honest, fair, open-minded, and non-judgemental. We understand there many methods of growing microgreens. Even though our experiments back up our statements, environmental conditions and such may change the outcomes.

Our opinions are ours, and we try to back-up statements with facts.

In Fact

The whole premise behind Home Microgreens is to test the dogma repeated over and over again on the internet.

We see statements written and repeated so often that we’re unsure if the account is from personal experience, documented results, or just regurgitated.

Our mission and vision are to help at least 10,000 people grow the best food possible. Thus, we look for the best media to grow microgreens, the safest fertilizers, the most economical lights, what growing methods produce the best greens possible.

microgreens grown in three different soil mixes

We test and experiment with products, supplies, and even general statements written on the internet by trying them head-to-head, taking the best, and check it against new products. We experiment with seed types and seeding densities over and over again to find the right amount.

Our Articles & Videos

Our articles show you the results. You don’t have to take our word; you can see the testing and results to make up your own mind. As we say, we are open-minded; if you see something we did wrong or can improve on, please, by all means, point it out (nicely) and we’ll re-test or re-run the experiment.

We want the best possible results for you. We’ll make the recipe, and all you have to do is follow along step-by-step. Run into a problem, send us the photos, and we’ll figure it out together.

We want to grow a community, and great communities work together to find the best solutions.

Home Microgreen Recommendations

In our articles and on our Resource Page, we recommend many products. The products or services have been tested by us or people we trust to provide an accurate review.

We use and believe in these products, as you’ll see in the photos in our articles or on our Instagram account.

We show side-by-side tests of products, so you have more information to make an educated buying choice.

Many products we test do not even make it to an article. We spend a week or more (sometimes a couple months trying different methods) of our time testing and photographing the progress only to delete them because the product is substandard.

If a product is featured in our article, it will work; or, we will state not to buy it. We try not to bad-mouth any brand or product. We just don’t publish the results unless we believe the brand itself is dishonest and misinforms the public with obvious egregiousness. 

The majority of the links to these products are affiliate links. If you click on that link and purchase the product, we may receive a small commission for the referral. Using these links cost you nothing extra, and in many cases, will save you money or provide you with better service.

Home Microgreens is a business. We want to serve home microgreen growers to our fullest extent. The only way to do that is to build a profitable business by building trust with our readers, clients, and customers.

We believe we are fair in our pricing and practices. If you’d like to read more about our practices, you can click this link.

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