Welcome to the Home Microgreens Community

The Home Microgreens Community is, in essence, a portal into a place of learning where you can ask questions, get answers, and share experiences to benefit all of the Community members.

Where Does the Community Portal Take Me?

The Home Microgreens Community Section currently includes a Question & Answer Forum where you can look for answers to your questions and ask questions when you can’t find answers.

The Community is a new feature of Home Microgreens, and I will post a video on what I envision the Community to become in the near future. Before I get into what I see this Community to be, let me provide a link to the Home Microgreens Forum if that is the reason you are here.

Future Plans

The Home Microgreens Community will include (besides the Q&A Forum) content not available to unsubscribed viewers. The content will include pages, sets of pages, courses, references, and other useful information for microgreen growers.

As the content builds, the Community may become a paid service but don’t worry; you are a Founding Member, and as long as you don’t unsubscribe, you will always have access for free.

Types of Content

In my mind, I see the following types of content being added to the Community.

  • Basic Microgreen Growing Course
  • Library of in-depth “How to” grow different microgreen varieties presented as a set of pages or in a course format.
  • Member Galleries where Community Members can show off the microgreens they have grown or their grow areas to help motivate others.
  • I’m very interested in having a Microgreen Variety of the Month club where you are sent seeds. We have live online meetings on set days to discuss growing these microgreens (meetings would be recorded and archived in the Community). This would get people to grow and try varieties they would not normally grow.
  • Community Discount Code to the Home Microgreens Store.
  • Ideas suggested by Community Members – there are infinite possibilities.
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