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Home Microgreens Planting & Watering Tray with Soil

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You get both the Home Microgreens Planting Tray and Watering tray along with the perfect amount of professional potting mix!

You only need microgreen seeds to start growing.

Holes in the bottom of the tray are placed to optimize water absorption during bottom watering and drain the soil media.

Watering microgreens this way keeps the leaves dry and reduces fungus and disease issues. Also, it stops soil from splashing up on the microgreens, keeping them clean.

The professional potting mix is coco coir based.

Each tray is 7 1/2″ by 5″ by 1.5″. The soil volume is the perfect volume for the tray.

Each tray comes with a lid that can be used during the blackout period.

Just level and tamp the soil surface with the lid, wet the soil, and plant!

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You get both the Home Microgreens Planting and Watering Tray that are ideal for the home microgreen grower. Plus, it comes with the perfect amount of soil to grow microgreens!

The planting tray comes with a pre-measured professional potting mix. All you need to do is use the lid (comes with the tray) to level and tamp the soil, wet the surface, and sow the microgreen seeds.

The watering tray is used to water the microgreens from the bottom.

This set-up is perfect for those that want to place their microgreens on the kitchen counter or a narrow table near a window.

The Planting Tray

The holes in the bottom of the planting tray are designed to absorb water from a watering tray. Use either the Home Microgreens Watering Tray or a 10- by 20-inch, which will hold 3 HM planting trays with room to spare and not damage the greens.

The holes in the tray are also placed to drain water if over watered.

Remember, bottom watering microgreens keeps the leaves dry and reduces fungus and disease issues. Also, the bottom watering method stops soil from splashing up on the microgreens reducing the possibility of washing the microgreens before consumption.

We highly recommend bottom watering microgreens.

The planting dimensions of each tray are 7 1/2″ by 5″ by 1.5,” making a surface area of 37.5 inches.

The Soil

The potting mix is a professional potting mix that is coco coir based. No mix contains no peat moss.

The volume of soil is perfect for the planting tray. If anything, a bit may need to be taken out.

All of the microgreens pictures in this store and HomeMicrogreens.com have been grown with this same soil product. We’ll use nothing else.

The Lid

Each tray comes with a lid that can be turned upside down and used during the blackout period to press the seeds against the soil surface.

The lid is transparent, so a tea towel or some other cloth is recommended to darken the seeds during the blackout period completely.

The Watering Tray

The planting tray is placed inside the watering tray for a few reasons. First, it stops fine soil that may fall through the holes in the planting tray from falling onto the table or counter. Second, it allows you to bottom water your microgreens. The planting tray fits into the watering tray perfectly. The planting tray will float until it starts to soak up the water. Don’t worry; water will not flow out the top.

The Trays & Soil Work Great!

These are the trays and soil we use here at Home Microgreens. They are proven winners!

Weight14 oz
Dimensions8.25 × 5.5 × 2.5 in

5 reviews for Home Microgreens Planting & Watering Tray with Soil

  1. Jennifer Claggett (verified owner)

    I’ve been growing microgreens for some time, but I wanted to try out Todd’s set-up and easy bottom watering trays. So far I’m liking the product, and given the very affordable price for soil-packed trays…I highly recommend everyone try them, but especially people new to growing. Easy to be successful and low investment!

  2. constance Jeneral (verified owner)

    Wow! My order arrived so quickly!

    I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be, so I thought I’d run here and there to pick up supplies. That was weeks ago.

    Finding these pre-loaded grow trays in a manageable size helped me make the decision to just DO it. They are ready to go, no muss, no fuss. The sunflower seeds I received look fresh and lively, too.
    Very happy I found Home Microgreens!

  3. Alisa Burditch (verified owner)

  4. Chris P. (verified owner)

  5. Kristi P. (verified owner)

    This is exactly what I needed and the perfect size!!

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