1020 Clear Humidity Dome


Our heavy-duty clear plastic Humidity Dome for 1020 trays helps regulate the temperature and moisture to better germinate your seeds.

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This heavy-duty 1020 clear humidity dome is ideal for lettuce and garden seedling germination. Two adjustable vents help regulate temperature and humidity inside the dome.

The heavy-duty BPA-free #3 plastic (the same plastic used in drinking water pipes) will not bend under the weight of a towel if you need to place your seeds into a blackout period for germination.

The clear humidity dome fits on the 1020 trays we sell and has an interior height of 2-1/2-inches.

*Note: The product does not include the black trays.

The Features of the Clear Humidity Dome

  • The humidity dome is not flimsy or brittle like those sold in garden centers or on Amazon.
  • It is designed to rest on the tray’s rim, not to seal tightly.
  • Made from recycled plastic.
  • The dome interior height is 2-1/2-inches.
  • Outer Dimension: 21¼” x 11″ x 2-9/16″
  • Two adjustable humidity vents
  • The dome is not intended for use in direct sunlight but is made to last under LED grow lights.
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