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Thank You for Your Interest!

You will be sent an email when a new LIVE Stream is placed on the calendar and also 1-hour before I go live. The email will contain the link to enter the Green Room and all you have to do is set your camera (if you choose to use one) and microphone.

There is no software to download or no need to log in. The link will take you to a Green Room, set your preferences and you can enter the LIVE virtual room. If you find the room locked all you need to do is Knock (press a button) and I’ll let you in.

New Subscribers

If you are new to Home Microgreens and do not have an account or sign-up beforehand you will have to confirm your email address before the alert will go out. You should receive an email asking you to confirm your email address very soon. Click the confirm button in the email, and you are all set.

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