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expandable coco brick

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Hello again!

I mentioned in another post that I live in France and that finding what I need to get started with microgreens is proving to be a bit of a challenge. 

On the same website where I found the "geotextile pots", they sell a potting soil for sowing microgreens... well, it is a "brick" made of coco something... You add 4 litres of water to it and it turns into 10 litres of sowing soil ! They do mention that one might add "perlite" or "vermiculite" to "improve one's chance for success" (?!!!) They also sell these things, of course...

Do you think this is a good support for sprouting microgreens? Or would just a simple bag of fine potting soil be better? 

More thanks


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Hi Mary,

I have an article on coco coir blocks.


Pure coir will grow microgreens, not quite as well as a potting mix that has some amendments in it.

I do think adding perlite to the coir will help add some oxygen to the root zone. The coir is very fine-grained and packs tight when watered. The lack of oxygen to the root zone is one of the reasons I think pure coir underperforms.

The blocks are easy to work with. However, it is hard to adjust the correct amount of water so the mix isn't too wet to store. I believe I discuss that in the article or the video in the article. 

I hope to work with coir blocks in the future to find a good mix. 

In my honest opinion, if you can find a potting mix that works well you will be happier in the long run as the coir brinks are a bit of work in the long run, it can get messy, and it is tricky to store assuming you don't use up all that you prepare. 

I do however, think it is worth the experience to try. 

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AFter reading your reply, perhaps it would be best for me wait until I have a little experience using a potting mix, and especially, a little more experience in general, before trying out those bricks. Thank you so much! 


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