Cilantro Microgreens Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Cilantro Microgreens

In this Cilantro Mini-course you will learn:

  • The difference between split and whole cilantro seeds
  • Alternate methods of germinating cilantro microgreens
  • How long to leave the microgreens in the blackout.
  • How to care and grow Cilantro Microgreens
  • Best way to harvest Cilantro Microgreens
  • See if Cilantro Microgreens will re-grow
  • Be presented with a summary of Cilantro nutritional & health benefits
  • Learn what foods pair with Cilantro
  • Be presented with a few Cilantro Microgreen recipes
  • See how to grow cilantro in the home as an herb for cut-and-come again Cilantro

Coming Soon!

The course is being created. You can sign up for first access to the course and Home Microgreens School of Growing Microgreens.

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