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Home Microgreens Christmas Gift Card


The Home Microgreens Christmas Gift Card is the perfect solution if you’re unsure what variety of microgreens or what supplies to gift.

The gift card code is sent to the recipient via their email, and each type of gift card has a unique appearance (images are shown on the product page).

There are pre-set amounts, or you can enter a dollar value of your choosing.

You can schedule when the Home Microgreens Christmas Gift Card is delivered via email.

More information below.


Earn up to 100 Seeds.

Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.
500 characters remaining
Up to a year from today
Quantity: 1
1 to each recipient

The Home Microgreens Christmas Gift Card has pre-set values, or you can enter whatever amount you would like ($25 minimum).

  • Click the Gift Card Amount dropdown, choose a pre-determined gift card value; or, click the other amount choice and enter a dollar value.
  • Enter the recipient(s) email address. You can purchase more than one card at a time by entering more than one email address separated by a comma.
  • Enter the name(s) of the recipient(s).
  • Enter a name who’s giving the gift card.
  • Write out a personalized note that will be included in the email sent to the recipient.
  • Choose when you’d like the gift card sent to the recipient. You can immediately send the Home Microgreens Christmas Gift Card or choose a later date to have the email sent.
  • Click add to cart.

That’s it on your end!

How to Redeem the Home Microgreens Christmas Gift Card

In the email, there’s a Redeem Button. When clicked, it will take the user to the Home Microgreens Store.

  • The user can then choose the products they wish and, when finished, go to the cart or checkout, and the gift card value will already be entered for them.
  • The user will pay the difference if the cart value is more than the gift card value.
  • If the Home Microgreens Christmas Gift Card value is more than the cart value, the difference will be retained on the gift card.
  • To check the balance, the user can go to the Home Microgreens Store header, click on the account tab, and then click on the gift card balance link.
  • Enter the gift card number into the search, click enter, and the balance will be shown.

How the Home Microgreens Gift Card E-mail Looks

The image of the email in the product gallery is what will be delivered to the recipient. This is the Home Microgreens Christmas Gift Card that contains all the information they need to redeem the card.

It also includes who sent the card in the following ways.

The words “Preview email system” will be replaced with the name of who gave the card. Your name, Mom, Dad, etc.

I believe the other replacements in the email are obvious.

Have the recipient print the email or save it for future reference.

If you have any questions, email todd@homemicrogreens.com and we’ll get right back to you.


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