How to Use the Seed Bank for Free Seeds!

What Is The Home Microgreens Seed Bank?

The Home Microgreens Seed Bank is a play on words where your purchases and reviews earn you money.

That's right, you earn free cash to use on your next purchase.

Honestly, it's our way to incentivize you to come back to the Home Microgreens Store.

The video below will show you how to check how many Seeds you have in your Seed Back. Click to go to video.

Earning Home Microgreens Seeds

How Does The Home Microgreens Seed Bank Work

1) Right off the bat, if you create an account you receive 50 Home Microgreens Seeds. No purchase is even necessary.

See "account creation" below for more details.

2) When you make a purchase (by a successful payment), you earn Home Microgreens Seeds at a rate of one seed for every dollar spent based on each item's price. Not the total in the shopping cart. Seeds are rounded to the nearest integer. For example:

  • $1.49 earns 1 Seed
  • $1.51 earns 2 Seeds

Home Microgreens Seeds can not be exchanged for cash or credit without purchase through the Home Microgreens Store website. 

3) If you leave a review for a product*, 25 more Home Microgreens Seeds will be added to your account. Seeds will only be earned once per product. You can also earn extra HM Seeds for exceptional reviews.

Here's How to Check Your Seed Totals

It's as simple as that.

Exchanging Earned Home Microgreens Seeds for Cash Discounts.

You can exchange any number of HM Seeds earn from previous purchases at the following rates.

25 Home Microgreens Seeds equals $1.00. 

We Appreciate Your Business!

We appreciate that you shop with us, but we also are thrilled that you are growing your own nutritious food! Our view is that the world is a better place when people take the time and effort to grow their own food.

Fresh, locally grown food is what we all need to support, and it doesn't get any fresher than from your own home!


* - You only earn Home Microgreens Seeds for the first review you leave for a specific product. For example, you leave a review for a packet of Broccoli for the HM tray. You will earn 25 HM Seeds for that review. If you leave another review for the same seed packet in the next order, you will not receive additional Seeds.

Currently, there are no higher-level discounts for having more seeds in the Seed Bank. But we are always actively looking for other ways to incentivize our customers to shop with us.

So it's your choice to use Seeds as they accumulate or save them in the Seed Bank.

Account Creation: Home Microgreens Seeds will be assigned to the email used to create the account. If you're already a Home Microgreens customer, you may have earned 50 points in the old program and those have been transferred into this program.

Seeds are not transferrable between email accounts.

Creating a new account with a different email address and asking to have the points transferred is not possible.

Earning Extra Seeds: If you leave a review and we deem it exceptional, we may add additional HM Seeds to your account.

Changes to the Home Microgreens Seed Program: Seeds earned are not a currency and have no value as they are.

We can, at anytime, change the value of Home Microgreens Seeds, both how many are earned for any action; or the value of the Seeds at the exchange.

The value and exchange rate will be posted on this web page.

 We can suspend the Home Microgreens Seed Program at any time without warning. We don't expect this to occur, but if the program starts to be gamed in some manner (as the old one was), we will not hesitate to change or suspend the program for all.

We appreciate you and your business. We hope you appreciate our customer service, hard work, prices, and effort to provide you value. 


If you have any questions, please email or go to our contact page and send us your question.