Growing Broccoli Microgreens – All Varieties

Broccoli Microgreens General Information

Seeding Rate

Seed broccoli microgreens at a rate of 0.088-grams per square inch of planting area. 

Home Microgreens Tray = 3.3-grams or 1 large teaspoon.

1010 tray = 8.9-grams or less than a tablespoon of seed.

1020 tray = 16 to 17 grams or 1.5 tablespoons of seed.

Visit Home Microgreens Seed density calculator.



No need to soak broccoli seeds.


Preferred Blackout Method

Use the weighted blackout method. They can take quite a bit of weight and an extra day beneath the weight will not hurt the seedlings. 


Germination (days)

Broccoli seeds germinate in 2- to 3-days. In warmer environments, they can start to sprout in 24-hours or less. 


Days to Harvest

Seven to ten days. Microgreens will last a few days in the tray, but quickly over grow the tray and harvest window.

Length of Harvest

You have between 2 to 4 days to harvest broccoli microgreens as they grow quickly. The older broccoli microgreens become the tougher the stems will become. Bitterness also increases with time.


Harvest Stage

Harvest broccoli microgreens any time after they reach 2-1/2 to 3-inches tall.

We prefer younger broccoli microgreens because they are tender and less bitter. 

You want to harvest broccoli microgreens while they are in the cotyledon stage. Even before they sprout true leaves, broccoli microgreens become tough and more bitter.

Harvest up to 4- to 5-inches tall, but be aware they become tougher and more bitter with age.


Broccoli microgreens do not re-grow after harvest.


Difficultly to Grow

Broccoli microgreens is one of the easiest microgreens to grow. 

On a scale of difficultly to grow these are a 1 out 5.


Common Problems

Broccoli microgreens are trouble free. They do use more water than some microgreens as they age.

Even if they wilt, bottom watering will bring them back to life. Though, they may be more straggly after wilting. 

Introduction to Broccoli Microgreens

Broccoli microgreens is a great microgreen for those starting out with microgreens.

They are one of the easiest microgreens to grow and care for and rarely have issues. 

Not only are broccoli microgreens great for beginners, they are also a staple for those selling microgreens because of their ease and wonderful nutritional benefits. 

Scroll down to see each stage of broccoli microgreen growth. 

Click to see reported nutritional and health benefits.

Recommended Seed Density (hover for info)

broccoli microgreen seeds

broccoli seeds with measuring spoons

One level teaspoon is between 3.0 and 3.15-grams; level Tablespoon is ~10-grams.

Starting Seed Recommendations

0.088-grams per square inch planting tray area.

2.2-grams for a 5 by 5 tray.

3.3-grams for a Home Microgreens Tray

8.9-grams for a 1010 tray.

16 to 17 grams  for a 1020 tray.

Measuring Spoon Weight (level measure)

Teaspoon ranges between 3.0 and 3.15-grams.

Tablespoon ranges between 9.98 and 10.1-grams.

Growing Broccoli Microgreens

In the examples below, we grow broccoli microgreens in Home Microgreens Trays with Home Microgreen Potting Mix. The trays have an average planting area of 37.5 square inches. The outside dimensions are 8" by 5-1/2" by 1-1/2".

Microgreen trays are placed into a dark blackout by the listed method.

The lights we use are Barrina 24-watt LED grow lights

For better viewing, you can click each image and it will expand. 

broccoli seeds

Day 0

  • Level and tamp the soil surface.
  • Mist the soil surface 3 or 4 times.
  • Spread broccoli seed as evenly possible.
  • Mist the seeds to wet them and cover the seeds with the lid.
  • Place the tray into a weighted blackout. We used a 2-1/2 pound weight.

broccoli microgreens on day 2

Day 2

Broccoli microgreen seeds will germinate in 1- to 3-days depending the temperature.

We normally would not disturb the seedlings at this stage. We did so to show you the germinated seeds.

broccoli microgreens on day 3

Day 3

When the broccoli microgreens look like these, they are ready to go under the lights. 

The white you see is root hairs, not mold. This is very common. 

Even a day longer in the blackout would not damage these plants.

However, when you can see leaves and stems slanted sideways, the tray can go under the lights.

Now is also the time to bottom water the tray. 


Day 4

One day under the lights and the plants have grown upright and have started  photosynthesis.

Having blank/bare spots is ok, they will fill in as the plants grow.

broccoli microgreens day 1 under the lights

Day 4 Side View

The side view is meant to show you the height of the plants. 

The tray is 1-1/2-inches tall. 

broccoli microgreens growing

Day 5

The broccoli leaves are larger, and have started to fill the gaps in the tray. 

If you use LED shop lights, the leaf size may be larger than these grown under grow lights.

broccoli microgreens side view

Day 5 Side View

The plant canopy has started to grow in a dome. This is common, the plants in the middle are trying to out compete their neighbors. The plants on the edge get more light and don't have to stretch, or are pushed laterally outside the tray by the growing mass in the middle. 

broccoli microgreens on day 6

Day 6

The tray edges have been completely covered now. 

From here on out growth will accelerate upwards more than laterally. 

broccoli microgreens in tray

Day 6 Side View

At an inch tall, the broccoli microgreens are not ready to be harvested. 

Broccoli microgreens make an attractive tray!

broccoli microgreens day 7 could harvest

Day 7

The microgreens are growing gangbusters at this stage. Growth will stop however, if you are using pure coco coir, peat moss, or even fiber matting. Any nutrients in the seed are gone by now, so for continued good growth we recommend an organic fertilizer

broccoli microgreens ready to harvest

Day 7 Side View

However, if you use Home Microgreens Potting mix or another soil that has nutrients, growth will continue at this pace.

Now nearly at 1-1/2-inches tall, these microgreens could be harvested if you need them.

Ideally, wait a couple days more before harvesting.

broccoli microgreens 10 days after planting

Day 10

Ten days after planting and this tray is ready to be harvested. Either all at once or harvest what you need and put the rest back under the lights. 

broccoli microgreens

Day 10 Side View

These broccoli microgreens are over 2-inches tall and this (or even earlier) is the stage we prefer to eat them.

Broccoli microgreens are more tender at this stage. They have a good leave to stem ratio. Older broccoli microgreens have more stem than leaf.

Broccoli Microgreen Nutrition

You can get general nutritional and health benefits of broccoli microgreens from this article

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