Fresh Microgreens Delivered For Free!

That’s right, if you live in the Syracuse, New York Area you can order freshly harvested microgreens from the offerings below and have them delivered to your door every Friday!

Not only can you get fresh microgreens delivered, but anything else in the store including the Heavy-duty microgreen trays, soil, seeds, equipment, anything listed in the store!

There’s an $8.00 minimum spend and to get the free delivery enter the code local in the coupon box.

For more information, including the delivery area click this link.

Microgreens Available from September 3rd through September 7th.

Only available to those living in the Syracuse, New York Area.


All items in the Home Microgreens Store are available for free delivery. This includes microgreen kits, trays, soil, and seeds.

Free Delivery

Free delivery is only available on Friday. Other arrangements can be made use the “Message Me” button on the bottom right to send a message.

Free delivery is only in the Syracuse area with an $8.00 minimum order. Deliveries can be to a place of business if it’s allowed by the company.

Not going to be home? That’s ok, set out a cooler (use an ice pack or ice in hot weather) on the front porch, or by the door, and I’ll place the microgreens in the cooler.

Want to pay by check? Click the pay by check button in the shopping cart and pay when the order is delivered or place the check in the cooler. Make checks out to Todd Marsh Affiliates.

For more information click this link.

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