Microgreen Presentation: NOPL at Cicero Public Library, Cicero, NY

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Information on the Presentation

On Tuesday July 30th, come see a demonstration and presentation entitled Learn How To Grow Microgreens at the NOPL Cicero Public Library. The presentation starts at 6:30pm (Map below). 

Register for the presentation on the NOPL Cicero Library Events Calendar.

The demonstration will show you exactly how to plant and grow small trays of microgreens right in your home!

There is also a presentation that will discuss which microgreens you should grow, where to grow them, how to care for them, how you can harvest fresh microgreens everyday, and use them in food preparation.

The exact same kit used in the demonstration will be available for sale at a highly discounted cost of $5.00. The kit includes all the equipment and supplies necessary to plant and grow your own tray of microgreens at home!

You do not need to purchase the kit to watch the demonstration and presentation. The presentation is expected to last around 60-minutes.

Participation is  limited to 25 people due to space restrictions.

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