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Hands-on Microgreen Presentation – Maxwell Memorial Library Oct. 5, 2019

Information on the Presentation

This presentation is a hands-on workshop!

Yes, you'll be planting your microgreen tray right then and there at the library so you can take it home and watch it grow!

The Learn How To Grow Microgreens hands-on demonstration and presentation at the Maxwell Memorial Library in the Village of Camillus on March 7, 2019, starts at 11am and will go to around 1pm (Map below). 

The workshop will show you exactly how to plant your microgreen seeds step by step! You will be able to take your planted tray home with you and watch it grow.

There will be a choice of microgreen seeds to plant.

Besides the workshop, there will also be a presentation. The talk will discuss which microgreens are easy to grow, where to grow and care for them, how to harvest fresh microgreens every day, and how they're used in food preparation.

The kit is available at a discounted cost of $8.00. The kit includes all the equipment and supplies necessary to plant and grow your own tray of microgreens right at the library.

Purchase is not mandatory, you can watch the demonstration and presentation for free!

Additional supplies will also be available at the presentation for purchase. You can take a look at the available supplies in the Home Microgreens Store and pre-ordering by emailing todd@homemicrogreens.com with your list (pay at the presentation).

Participation is  limited to 20 people due to space restrictions.

FREE Microgreen Guide!  

If you sign-up below to stay updated on the event you'll receive my free 16-page guide on how to start growing microgreens at home! 

You'll receive the e-book in the e-mail after entering your information below.

The e-mail will also have more information on registering with the library.

Plus you'll be alerted of updates prior to the presentation. You'll also receive alerts when similar presentations are scheduled in the area.

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