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alternative container?

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Todd, hello.

First I'd sincerely like to congratulate you on your website. It is so full of useful information, and I'm sure that many have ordered supplies from you thanks to that. I know I would if I lived in the States!

Here in France, all I have found so far are planting trays designed for hydroponically-grown microgreens. Fortunately or unfortunately, you have convinced me that soil is best... So my question here: I have come across a pot supposedly designed for growing microgreens that is made of "double-walled ultra resistant geotextile (350gr/m2), ... permeable to air and water... machine-washable at 30°C.."

It measures about 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 2"

What do you think? Perhaps if they were put on a kind of grill or screen so that they didn't sit in accumulated moisture? 

Just so you know, I've looked at the Bootstrap Farmer website, as you mention that they ship internationally. But the cost is prohibitive for me

Good wishes


I'll try to send a picture in an attached file!

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Thank you for the kind words, Mary!

I enjoy working on the website. I can always use more customers, though!

Those fabric containers will work just fine. I will be growing herbs in the house with larger versions of those this winter. 

What I do with those larger fabric pots is to set them in a large plant saucer. With the larger pots I do have to water from the surface as the container is too deep to soak up water to the height of the plants.

But, your fabric containers are much shorter. I would look for a plant watering saucer or even a wide-short bowl to set the fabric pot into. Water should absorb through the pot into the soil. 

Might take you a little time finding the correct size container, but it should work great. Water might take a few minutes to absorb into the fabric pot but it will. 


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