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Mold Prevention

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Hi there! Besides using smaller trays, sanitizing trays, air flow, humidity right, and temps 65-85 range, using good seeds, would you say there's more to do to PREVENT mold instead of treat it, specifically with spraying the Grapefruit Seed extract or anything on microgreens at specific times, etc.? Thank you so much for all you do!! 

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As with everything from health to environmental protection the best way to cure someone or clean up an accident is to not allow it to occur.

Once anything is infected it is much harder to eradicate than it is to prevent.

So yes, the tone of the article and podcast is to make people aware that everything we do or don't do could have consequences. So minding our P's & Q's is the important part. 

I try not to use chemicals, even natural ones like grapefruit seed extract until I have no choice. I don't use bleach or H2O2 to sanitize trays when I can use heat (from a dishwater) or sunlight to sanitize trays.

However, if a have a breakout I look back on the steps I used to create that tray of problem microgreens and use the Occum's Razor principal to figure out where I might have messed up or where the most logical source of the mold is and focus on fixing that gap.

The problem might be the seed and the best & easiest solution is chemical treatment and I'm not scared to do that, but only if I think that is the leading cause. Otherwise I fix what I think might be the problem and keep the other steps the same until I eliminate or narrowing down the problem. 

If I go in and use all of the controls I have to cure a problem chances are that problem will show up again. I won't know what I should do in the future to lessen the probability of mold occurring again. All I know is to nuke the whole process which takes more time, more resources or money, and use unnecessary things when maybe the problem was I left a wet tray setting around too long allowing mold spores to start blooming. 

It's like finding ants in your kitchen. If you go out and get ant traps or ant poison and kill the ants you completed the short-term goal of getting rid of those ants. But what about in a month when ants come back?

However, if you find that bag of sugar with a hole in it, or the honey jar that was put back without cleaning the side of the jar and solve that issue, no ants will come back, nothing was harmed, and poison wasn't released to the environment.

Excuse my long-winded dissertation the short of it is you can go back to the 1700's and Ben Franklin's famous quote when Philadelphia was having large home fire problems and his advice was "a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Much easier to prevent fires (mold) than to put them out (kill mold).  

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@teouh Todd, Thank you SO much for all you do, your help is so appreciated & your time & willingness to help us all in growing microgreens...! Thank you sincerely. Take good care


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